The reported ‘dying wish’ of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg not to have her successor appointed to the Supreme Court until after the next presidential inauguration, was like everything else in this woman’s life, utter hypocrisy.

She could have retired for reasons of age and health during the Obama administration when she was in her early eighties, assuring that a radical progressive liberal judicial activist like herself would be appointed in her place. Indeed, many Democrats wished she had done just that. Yet despite her advancing age and deteriorating health, she refused to relinquish power or position, now leaving a conservative, non-establishment, Republican to appoint her successor.

This was her choice. It was characteristically hypocritical of her to move the goal post on her death bed. Her dying wish, therefore, ought to have zero meaning as it is devoid of any ethical credibility. Her actions did not match her words.

Ginsburg, as a Jewish American, died an enemy of the God of her fathers, defying the moral teaching of Torah concerning the sin of homosexuality that the Hebrew scriptures describe as an unnatural abomination. God’s Constitution (Torah) meant nothing to Ginsburg, so it is little wonder that the US Constitution meant nothing to her either. In the American Republic, as is constitutionally enshrined, the process for the constitution to be an ‘evolving document’ is the Amendment process. This power is designated to the states and Congress as the elected representatives of the governed. It is not the mandate of the judiciary.

The constitution was to restrain and restrict the powers of government and the judiciary, and judges were never to legislate from the bench – hijacking the powers of the electorate, replacing the powers of an elected congress, the power of public referendum, or of the States.

The constitution was clear that where the constitution is silent, the States, and not Federal government or the courts, have the power to determine the law. As an enemy of the constitution and of the democracy it is designed to protect, Ginsburg was a true tyrant. She believed judges could impose laws by interpreting the constitution to mean whatever they wanted, just as liberal, papal, and rabbinic theologians do with The Word of God, replacing exegesis with eisegesis. In Matthew 15, Jesus quoting Isaiah said such theocrats will go to hell. So will such judges who redefine ‘life’ in order to allow the murder the unborn with no clinical warrant, and delete the theistic basis of God from the Preamble of the constitution.

Ginsburg was a ring leader in the juridical thuggery that anti-constitutionally imposed ‘same-sex marriage’ (among the many other crimes against the constitution and against democratic government by this corrupt and Godless institution we call the US Supreme Court).

Ultimately, of course, God only knows. Yet we can know what God has stated in His Word about the fate of the enemies of His Torah. We know from Romans Chapter 1 that those like Ginsburg, who lend ‘hearty approval’ to what is unnatural, sexually perverse and morally abominable, by God’s Standard will have the same judgment of the practitioners of it.

Now, having died an enemy of the God of Israel, and without a saving faith in her Messiah Yeshua, Ginsburg has most likely entered the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Judge Ginsburg was subpoenaed to appear before the real judge whose Law she opposed and whose salvation she rejected.

She held onto power until her final breath. Now her so-called “achievements” are her indictments before the judgment seat of her Messiah in whom she did not believe, (but with hopeless futility most certainly believes in Him now).

The left-wing media, leftist academia, feminist fanatics, and phoney politicians can laud her legacy all they wish. It means absolutely nothing to her where she most probably, if not certainly, is now. She will be there for all eternity with no hope. Her only legacy will only be one of shame and disgust that is the cause for the eternal torment she is now in all likelihood to endure perpetually.

When one trims their fingernails or cuts their hair, the detached collagen and keratin are no longer part of us. When someone gives up the proverbial ghost, either are their mortal remains. Embalm her corpse, box her nicely in a coffin, and let her body lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda. The remains are no different from the hair left on a barbershop floor. You can sweep it up and make a wig out of it, but it is still dead.

The real death, however, is not the one from Pancreatic cancer, but the Second Death for despising the Torah and rejecting the Messiah whose death alone, as a substitutionary atonement, can give life. Judge Ginsburg was not interested. At the judgment seat, she consequently had no advocate to vindicate her. The tens of millions of aborted babies were among the accusing witnesses who testified against her at her trial. The one and only Jewish lawyer who could most definitely have gotten her off on a plea and beat the rap (He has never lost a single case, and never shall) was instead the prosecuting Attorney. The Divine DA.

From Simon Greenleaf, the founder of Harvard Law School, to my old friend Jay Sekulow , Donald Trump’s impeachment attorney, I thank God for the saving faith of the Jewish believers I know in the legal profession, (my own children among them). Unfortunately, Ruth Baden Ginsburg was not among them. She now wishes she was. But it is too late.

May The Lord show Grace & Mercy to the rest of us; a Grace & Mercy that Ruth Ginsburg so coldly rejected.

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