The Supreme Court or the Supreme Being

When the New York City public/tax payer funded cchool system outlawed nativity scenes from school property as a religious symbol but allows Islamic religious symbols and Jewish Menorah’s for Chanukka, the descrimination was legally challenged.

As a pro-Jewish Christian ministry supportive of Israel’s right to exist, Moriel ‚  has ‚  agreed with the celebration of ‚  Chanukah (as Jesus celebrated it in John’s Gospel chapter 10), ‚  and we have no policy on Christmas (as it is not in the New Testament). The Nativity is, however, in the New Testament and we do not agree with anti-Christian discrimination. ‚  Moslems can have a religious symbol and others can also – unless you are a Christian. It was decreed by the educational establishment bureaucrats that Christians can only display a non-religious symbol like a Christmas tree (which many Christians in fact ‚  are uncomfortable even having ‚  ).

So-called “Christian” leaders in New York such as Rev. Al Sharpton (who campaigns against “homophobia” on behalf of homosexuals and lesbians) and New York’s Roman Catholic Cardinal have predictably done little if anything. Meanwhile, the Second District Federal Court, admitting a dual standard, upheld the school board’s right to religious discrimination, and the US Supreme Court has refused to even hear the case on appeal.

Thanks to perhaps the most evil institution in the USA representing the greatest threat to American democracy and freedom, the same wicked judicial house of horrors that dehumanized Blacks in the Dread Scott Decision, and dehumanized the 47 million aborted human fetuses with its Roe v Wade decision has turned its back on a clear case of ‚   discrimination aimed solely at Christians and Christianity while the useless ostensibly Christian clergy say and do practically nothing.

The decision not to hear the case means that at least one of the allegedly Republican pro-constructionist justices voted not to. The Republican appointed justices are Roman Catholic and once again the myth and the lie that the Republicans are more ‚  sympathetic to Christian values than Democrats, and the Chuck Colson lie that Roman Catholics share the same values as conservative Evangelicals. Indeed. of the main three present Republican presidential candidates, none are solidly pro-life as Reagan claimed to be.

Ronald ‚   ‚  Reagan was so pro-life that he appointed a pro-abortion justice to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’ Connor, the Reagan Republican Justice ‚  who wrote the court’s decision banning the Ten Commandments from ‚  the Judicial building in Alabama despite polls indicating more than 75% of Americans wanted it there. ‚   ƒ “’Connor has since retired from the Supreme Court to be Chancellor of William & Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia whose Chancellor removed a the cross from the Christian chapel so as not to offend other religions such as Islam and last week hosted an art exhibition on sex workers.

How long will so many Christians remain naive and undiscerning? Christianity has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican or with party ‚  politics or the misuse of the pulpit to endorse various candidates.

We should pray for whoever gets elected but realize that the world is in the power of the wicked one and we have political in the congress, The White House, ‚  and in our legislatures, along with juridical defiled theocratic riffraff in our pulpits and on so-called “Christian” TV in a backslidden church that it is no longer capable of being salt and light.

The day will come, however, when Sandra Day will realize that the Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being and she and her ilk will stand before an even higher court lest she repents.

James Jacob Prasch

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