The Pope’s Surprise


Sept 21, 2013
by James Jacob Prasch

To any saved Christian with an ounce of discernment and Holy Spirit illuminated scriptural insight, once the Vatican and the papacy abrogated the historicity of the Genesis creation narrative more than 15 years ago and began to cave in on the issue of Darwinism, it was only a matter of time before the Church of Rome compromised on moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

For too long too many na ¯ve and doctrinally ignorant, although well intentioned – regenerate Christians – identifying themselves as professing Evangelicals sought common ground with Roman Catholicism, turning a blind eye to the demonic cannibalistic nature of the Mass, the idolatry of transubstantiation, the false gospel of ex opera operato sacramental salvation as opposed to Second Birth regeneration, the sins of necromancy, and the bogus claims of the papacy with its Petrine foundation, infallibility etc.

Such absolutely fundamental truths were ignored on the basis of two silly and wholly unscriptural schools of argumentation. The first is the distorted reasoning of men such as Tony Campolo who states, “I know many wonderful Catholics who are believers.” This perverted standard of determination makes truth relational instead of scriptural. The objective doctrinal incompatibility of Roman Catholicism with scriptural Christianity is ignored or dismissed as unimportant for the sake of a counterfeit unity based on a religious relationship. The Holy Spirit of course is the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) not the Spirit of error. Fundamental tenets of Christianity such as the means of salvation itself are not to be dismissed in the cause of an artificial unity when true unity demands sanctification scriptural truth (John 17:17). True believers in false religious systems such as Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Liberal Protestantism are commanded by Christ to leave such abominations (Revelation 18:4). One cannot remain in such idolatrous wickedness and heresy and not become party to its sins. We must leave the false religion, but not leave the people in it in order to tell them the true gospel.

The second unscriptural argument was that by uniting with Roman Catholicism we can form a political coalition in order to force governments to adopt a morally responsible set of policy on issues such as abortion and homosexuality as both Evangelicals and Roman Catholics oppose such moral desecration. This strategy of doctrinal compromise for socially redeeming political goals of course has never worked anyway. In fact now many supposed Evangelicals such as Rick Warren”s revision of his   views on California Proposition 8, Emerging Church guru Brian Maclaren performing the same sex marriage for his son and his son”s “husband”, the refusal to condemn homosexuality as wrong of the Hillsong pastor in New York City, and Britain”s Steve Chalke calling upon Evangelicals to support same sex marriage, too much of mainstream Evangelicism has already caved in on upholding scriptural standards on such vital moral issues. Meanwhile, homosexuality and lesbianism have been rife within Roman Catholicism for centuries. Approximately 80% of the widespread child molestation by Roman Catholic priests and nuns affecting virtually every single Roman Catholic diocese and archdiocese in the U.S.A. alone were of a homosexual nature.

Now Pope Francis has “pulled a Tony Campolo” circumventing the moral sin of homosexuality and lesbianism by speaking about relational truth. His predecessors simply conspired to protect their pedophile subordinates. Now Pope Francis is moving forward to the natural conclusions. The Pope is saying the moral structure of Roman Catholicism will collapse “like a house of cards” if it does not stop its emphasis on opposing homosexuality, lesbianism and even abortion. In the eyes of God of course, the moral structure of a so called “church” that protected pedophile sex criminals (and their protectors such as Cardinal Mahony and Cardinal Law) and was up to its eyeballs in one criminal banking scandal after another collapsed a long time ago, assuming it ever even had such a moral structure to begin with – which given papal history is highly contestable.

Thus the argument that a political alliance between Evangelical churches and Roman Catholicism (and the ecumenical antics of groups such as Promise Keepers) to oppose abortion and the homosexual, lesbian, bi sexual, trans-gender agenda is now functionally abject. It is not only abject due to the new pronouncements of Pope Francis however; the perceived catastrophe is reciprocal. Among Evangelicals, despite his Proposition 8 flip-flop, supposedly Evangelical figures such as Mark Driscoll and John Piper endorse Rick Warren (who teamed up with Brian Maclaren to foreword the book “The Emergent Church.” In Britain, chorus composer Graham Kendrick teamed up with same sex marriage proponent Steve Chalke in an anti-Israel crusade at the UK”s Greenbelt Christian Festival.

No saved Christian should be surprised at the latest pronouncements of the Jesuit Pope Francis. On the contrary, we should have rather been surprised if the Vatican and Papacy had not caved in on abortion and homosexuality. It is quite simply par for the course. What should rather shock and disgust saved Christians is the cowardly and apathetic compromise within our own ranks with the equally wicked and satanic exploits of Rick Warren, Brian Maclaren, Tony Campolo, and Steve Chalke.


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