The Pope and Islam

by James Jacob Prasch

We have a Pope who in his role as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger issued the “Criminale Solicitacciones” instruction on behalf of his old boss, John Paul II. This document effectively instructed Roman Catholic bishops to protect sex pervert pedophile clergy at the expense of not protecting the little children whose lives these demonic priests and nuns destroy. This orchestrated campaign to obstruct justice and allow wide spread pedophilia to continue was effectively perpetrated at the behest of The Vatican.

Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, virtually every single Roman Catholic diocese in the USA alone has been found guilty and liable in court and been forced to pay major damages, fortunately sending some these corrupt diocese into bankruptcy. The same trends are exposed in globally in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and more so in Ireland and The Third World

Like his predecessors, Ratzinger cum Pope Benedict is a vile and criminal of the lowest and most wicked and perverse kind. We are talking about small children being sexually violated and sex criminals dressed in cassocks and habits who belong in prison being protected.

In his youth, this pope wore the swastika and fought for the Nazis and Hitler. Now he heads the same institution that sheltered both Nazi war criminals from justice with its rat route, and then sheltered child molesting priests and nuns from justice. Only a U.S. Justice Dept. directive ordering a private prosecution dropped because the pope is a foreign head of state prevents this criminal from being proven in federal court to be the kind of criminal he is.

The centuries old inquisitional papal history of Jew hatred continues in the form of pro-Islamic anti-Israel bias by the Vatican.

Now the papacy can taste what Israel is up against in the aftermath of Islamic reaction to the citation by the pope of the remarks of a long dead Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologos.

As God promised in Obadiah 15 to those who cheer the enemies of the Jews: “As you have been done it will be one to you ‚  ” ” your dealings will return upon your own head”.

Here in Israel as of today, September 18th – 7 Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholic churches have been burned by the moslems on the West Bank. The Vatican is getting due repayment for its pro-Islamic anti-Israel bias by divine retribution at the hands of the anti-Semitic , anti-Christian Islamic barbarism the papacy has pandered to.

The conflict of cultures becomes increasing undeniable, even by the political and religious liars who try and convince us otherwise.

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