The New Vatican Attack on Israel as an Occupation of Biblical Lands

So what else should be expected from a pope who in his youth wore a swastika, the uniform of a Nazi, and fought for Hitler and the Third Reich, who now heads the same church that perpetrated the Inquisitions, and who operates from the same Vatican that shielded Nazi war criminals from justice with its infamous “Rat Lines”? When has the apostate Church of Rome ever NOT hated Jews? The latest Vatican action simply promulgates and continues their long, evil history. So what else should be expected from a harlot church who fundamentally rejects the Word of God? It stands to reason that if Rome rejects the Bible it will reject that the Scripture teaches the biblical land is the land of Israel, not an Islamic-Arab, redefined Palestine.

Given the fact that the Vatican is proprietary custodian of perhaps the largest collection of biblical archeological treasures in the world, one would expect it would be among the first to recognize by definition that an indigenous people cannot be called an “occupying presence” and that the archeological record shows the Jews to be the indigenous people group. This despite the fact that the same archeological record preserved in its own museums proves that Roman Catholicism is not biblical Christianity but a pseudo-Christianization of the pontifical religions of Pagan Rome. Cardinal John Henry Newman even admitted that at least 70& of the rites, rituals, customs, and traditions of Roman Catholicism are of Pagan origin in His treatise The Development of the Christian Religion. Thus their own archeological record means no more to them than their falsely claimed Canon’s Scripture to which they do not adhere either. It stands to reason therefore that the Vatican would throw the archeological record out the window.

I have been to the Vatican museums multiple times. The Canons are simply manuscript displays in the Scriptorium of the Vatican Library for the tourist industry. That they charge people to view them and the artifacts are simply displays in the museum for which tickets are also sold shows it is just part of the tourist trade. Cannon and archeology are not about truth or faith to them, but about business. From its corrupt banking system witnessed in the Ambrosiano scandal to the papal regalia, that is all the Vatican has ever been about — temporary political power and money. Religion is simply the means to wealth and power; this is Roman Catholicism and always has been.

It was not the Israelis but the Muslims in Gaza who burned down seven Roman Catholic churches when a pope quoted an early Byzantian Episcopal source concerning Islam which the Muslims did not like. Neither is it the Israelis who are demanding the right to build a mosque in front of the Roman Catholic Church of the Annunctiation in Nazareth, claiming it as an Islamic holy site. It stands to reason therefore that in the dirty politics of the Vatican the papacy will try to placate the Muslims at the expense of Israel. Jews will not burn the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but fortunately when He returns, Christ certainly shall.

Alas, we see documented evidence in the international media that Joseph Radzinger (alias Pope Benedict XVI) was himself centrally involved in the Vatican orchestrated conspiracy to protect pedophile sex criminal Roman Catholic clergy at the expense of the children whose lives they destroy. It stands to reason that such a demonic old vulture from the pit of hell and a child of Hitler should seek to regain moral credibility quickly, and what easier way to do it than to return to traditional, European Roman Catholic Jew kicking.

We are reminded that it was the Iranians who armed and funded the Islamic Hizbollah and drove the Christians out of their land and homes in Southern Lebanon, and that the largest portion of those refugees were Marionite Roman Catholics who were subsequently absorbed and continue to be protected by Israel. Radzinger, of course, says nothing of this. Why should he? It is bad for Vatican politics and that is exactly what the pope, the Vatican, and the entire antichrist Roman Catholic system is all about.

The pope is antichrist, and at Moriel we do not care what an antichrist said about Israel and the Jews; we only care what Christ said about Israel and the Jews. And Christ said they would return to their land and capital in preparation for His return to Jerusalem. (Lk. 21:24; Mt. 23:38-39; Zech. 12:1-10) But we not only declare what Christ said about Jerusalem, we also declare what Christ said concerning the harlot church and false religious system of the world in league with its corrupt political and economic system represented by Rome in the New Testament: “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!” (Rev. 18:2)

Jacob Prasch
PAX VOBISCUM (Latin For “Shalom”)

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