The Driving Factor

by Jacob Prasch

As Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas Coast slamming the Gulf of Mexico oil industry and the Lehman Bros. Investment Bank (America”s 4th largest) collapses, AIG (the nations biggest insurance company) faces bankruptcy, and Merril Lynch (the mega brokerage house) is swallowed up, and the mountain of public and private debt swells to surmounting levels, something else transpired.

The Saudi and international oil interest controlled administration of George Bush and his Secretary of State (the most inept figure to ever hold that cabinet position) were doing the bidding of their Christian persecuting and Jew hating Wahabist Saudi owners. Bush again celebrated Ramadan in the White House to honor the book, the Koran, which states that “God Has No Son”  which Bush placed in the White House to laud the religion of 9-11. A Judeo-Christian Bible cannot, of course, even be brought into Saudi Arabia.

At the same time Bush and Rice were scrambling to saddle the next President with a written commitment to hand more of Israel ’s God given turf to Islam including a possible division of Jerusalem.

Bush will leave the White House and perpetually be remembered by history as a failed president with no legacy whatsoever. Although also a failed president, even Carter had a “Camp David”; Bush will have absolutely nothing and this wicked man deserves none.

We have no doubt of the role of this evil man and his diabolical father and their oil industry cronies such as Rice and James Baker in bringing divine judgment on America ss per Genesis chapter 12:1-3 and the Book of Obadiah. It is our fervent prayer that God’s judgment will rather fall on the Bush administration.

This is a wicked president who continued handing out express visas to Saudis a full year after the September 11th attacks and whose pro Saudi actions demonstrate him a horrible enemy of Christianity and of Israel, but a boot licking servant of the fundamentalist Wahabist Islam of Saudi Arabia that funds the radicalism that breeds Moslem terror.

This is not a political/electoral statement but a statement of theological conviction. This ethically corrupt and unprincipled president is invoking divine displeasure on our country and we pray that the God of Christians and Jews will raise His Hand against him. May God have undeserved mercy on America and remove its wicked leaders and the wicked leaders in its backslidden churches.

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