The Alabama “Revival”

A Question for Jacob RE: His Television Comments

The following was forwarded from Revelation TV:

I am writing in response to your interview with Jacob Prasch . I really enjoyed him and all the knowledge that he possesses.,   I would just like pick up on a point that one of your viewers wrote in about regarding the revivals that have happened (such as Lakeland etc) and are happening now in Alabama.,   Jacob said that these were counterfeit and not of God.,   I cannot speak with any authority on previous revivals but feel passionately about what is happening in Alabama.

I have known Nathan Morris since he was 6 years old his Father is the pastor ,  of my church.,   The heart of that family is that the lost will be saved they love the Lord with un compromised lives.,   I know Nathan and the testimony of how God saved him.,   He walks only in obedience to the Lord and nothing of what he does is driven by selfish ambition or deception.,   He wants souls for the Lord.

I just felt I had to speak up because I don’t want him to be tarred with the same brush (so to speak).,   He speaks an uncompromised gospel and signs and wonders follow.

Jacob Responds:

Greetings in Jesus.

I know nothing of Nathan Morris. (Obviously however he has never been anointed of the Lord to have a major evangelistic impact for Christ in his own country, the UK, or we all would have heard of him). This so-called “Church of His Presence” in Alabama, however, is pastored and led by John Kilpatrick, the same religious con-artist and proven liar who led the Pensacola scam that ended in financial scandal and an ugly split between Kilpatrick and Michael Brown.

Who can forget on TV when Kilpatrick presented the young vibrating girl with the slurred speech prophesy as if she was palsied and attributed it to the Holy Spirit? Despite the scriptural test that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is “self- control” (“egkrateia” in Greek) and not the lack of it (Gal. 5:23), Kilpatrick stated he knew this was real because “he knew her family”. That was his authentication ‚  “” not the Word of God. Kilpatrick claimed she came from a good Christian home and that her mother is a Christian teacher and her father a Christian medical doctor. In fact she came from a broken home, her parents split and divorced when she was young, and she was a troubled young girl. Kilpatrick is a demonstrable liar.

In Alabama, as in Pensacola, there are medically unsubstantiated claims of healings that are not clinically documented with more of the same lunacy, dishonesty, bogus claims, unscriptural doctrine, and mysticism being passed off as Christianity. After the collapse of Pensacola and its proven failure as a false revival which merely recycled the Toronto Experience via Holy Trinity Brompton in England, once more we see the exact same conniver John Kilpatrick giving another repeat performance and once again claiming it came from England. All of this hype we are hearing is what what we all heard before ‚  “” ad nauseum.

It is simply a sequel to Pensacola. I made no comments concerning Nathan Morris because I never even heard of him, but I certainly know who John Kilpatrick is. This garbage is nothing more than the counterfeit revival of Pensacola ‚  “” Part II. Don’t let anyone con you. It is just more of the same old ridiculous rubbish from the same old deceiver John Kilpatrick. It began in Kansas City, then Toronto, then Pensacola, then Lakeland, now it is Alabama. It is the same old lie from the same old liars repackaged.

What you refer to is just another combination of the carnal and the demonic seducing the naive, scripturally ignorant, and undiscerning. No revival came from Kansas City, or Toronto, or Pensacola, or Lakeland and I assure you none is coming from Alabama.

In Christ,

Jacob Prasch

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