State of Moriel 2009

As we look to the closing year of the first decade of the new millennium, the past calendar year has been an interesting one indeed.

It is a year when we saw rectification of the disaster we encountered the previous year of the rape of our school girls in Tanzania by pagan tribesman and the Moriel girls school near Mt. Kilimanjaro. The cry of the mission field however in Africa however remains the recruitment of indigenous Black African who are doctrinally sold and financially honest. This is a massive problem, not peculiar to Africa, but endemic throughout most of The Third World. We have a sound brother of integrity in India and one in Tanzania, but it is a huge problem.

This past year was a good year also in that unlike 2008 when we painfully lost a little baby girl named Angel, we have had none of our HIV orphans or AIDS babies die in 2009 for which we indeed praise Jesus. Moreover, new babies were acquired by both Ebyown and Bezaleel .

This year we also opened Moriel Japan as a springboard into other Far Eastern nations as well as a branch for Japan under the direction of Geoff O”ŸTool assisted by his Japanese wife.

We also expanded our ministry in Israel to support another congregation in Galilee as well as an Arabic ministry. Due to increased opposition from Ultra orthodox Jewish activist groups such as Yad L”ŸAchim, we cannot publicly disclose many details about the evangelistic and church planting ministries we help sponsor in Israel.

Moriel planted and affiliated churches continue to grow numerically. Unfortunately however, this is dominated by picking up refugees from apostate churches and providing spiritual homes to the churchless, and not enough through people actually getting saved. While we rejoice in those coming out of error through Moriel and our sister ministries , our desire is to see more saved and disciple. Having said this, the numbers of Moslems being saved through the ministry of Moriel has increased , and those saved out of Mormonism etc. also continues. The annual outreach in Utah directed by David Lister continues. The number of those being saved through Moriel preachers at non Moriel venues also appears to have increased. The largest blessing however has been in Indonesia, the world”Ÿs most populace Islamic nation. Moriel now receives more internet visitors from Indonesia than from any other country except the USA and one of goals for 20120 is to have a website in the Bahasa language.

The Five Question Series from “žThe Gospel In The Last Days”Ÿ conference seems to have the most impact evangelistically seeing the most saved.

Moriel also saw 2009 expand its participation in our support of the ministry of Roger Oakland in Burma and The Philippines. Among impoverished children. On the down side, among others both Roger Oakland and myself (Jacob Prasch) have both suffered major crises of health in 2009. I had to cancel my Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific itineraries and also the Greece bible study tour due to medical considerations. By His grace The Lord has spared us both.

By The Lord”Ÿs grace, due to expansion of the ministry, the economic downturn has not impeded the new growth. For this too we remain grateful to God.

The popularity of the Jacob Prasch TV program on Genesis TV, Moriel internet TV, and GV 24/7 have also been an encouragement.

This year of 2009 will also witness the first Moriel Creation conference in the UK with the theme “the Death of Darwinism”.

Despite significant areas of disappointment and health setbacks, 2009 has on the whole been a fairly good year by God”Ÿs grace. Our task now is to seek The Lord for His purposes for 2010.
While we above all give thanks to The Lord, we also earnestly thank all of our brethren for their prayers, support, and help.

On behalf of David Lister, Dave Royle, Allison, Carol, Danny, John, Jack & Loretta, Chris & Jackie (who are expecting their first baby), Scot & Deb, Mark & Carrie, Nigel, Marg & Pam, Geoff, Sal & Di, Alan & Sue, Skip, Marco, Wayne & Sharon, Ronnie, Darren, Julie, Alec, and all at Moriel our prayerful wish is that the forthcoming year shall be one of blessing and of the salvation of as yet unsaved loved ones.

In Yeshua (Jesus),
Jacob Prasch & Moriel
(Philippians 1:6)

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