Roman Catholic Clergy and Sex Crimes against Children – The Claims and the Facts

By James Jacob Prasch (Rev)

What Every Roman Catholic And Every Parent Needs To Know


Our aim is not to offend or attack Roman Catholic people. On the contrary, we are very much for Roman Catholic people, and recognizing that it is Roman Catholic children who have been the victims of these breaches of trust, we only want to examine the claims and address the solid facts. ‚   While it is not our purpose to assail Roman Catholics, those whose allegiance is not to the irrefutable truth, to justice for innocent victims, and to the protection of their children and grand children, but to an organization whose clergy has perpetrated these unspeakable violations of law and of ‚  basic human decency irrespective of the true facts, may indeed be offended by the presentation of these facts. ‚  Those willing to turn a deaf ear to the plea of helpless children, no matter how guilty or ‚   ‚  institutionally corrupt The Church of Rome may be genuinely demonstrated to be, may object to these facts being presented. None-the-less, they remain proven facts. For the sake of the victims and the children, and for the sake of the truth itself, we tell the truth and address these uncomfortable and often shocking facts.

We challenge any ordained member of the Roman Catholic clergy in open debate before a public audience, the press, ‚   and a video camera to disprove these facts in light of the documented, legally documented, and photographic evidence we shall ‚   present at such a debate.


This is a limited problem only involving a small number of priests and nuns; “A few bad apples”  are discrediting the Roman Catholic clergy at large because the sensationalist media is blowing it out of proportion.


As was accurately reported in the headlines of various publications including USA TODAY, in the U.S.A. alone, 177 of the 179 Roman Catholic Diocese ‚  and Arch Diocese have been proven liable in court for protecting pedophile ‚  priests or pedophile priests and nuns at the expense of not protecting the little children whose lives these religious sex criminals damage and destroy.

Reported cases just in the U.S.A. are well into the many thousands, and this only represents a probable percentage of the overall number of cases. Many, if ‚  not most, investigators are convinced that this may only be the tip of the iceberg. Statutes of limitations, shame and fear by the victims, community ‚  and family pressure, and cultural factors may prevent the actual numbers from ever being known. ‚   Popular media can indeed often be biased, but it has not amplified this tragedy out of proportion. On the contrary, as can be ‚  demonstrated and as will be noted, the popular media has largely under-reported documented Vatican complicity in the systematic series of cover-ups.

In the infamous Sipes report, at least 40% of Roman Catholic priests admitted to be sexually active at any given time. But forcible sex with ‚  children is another matter. ‚   Moreover, the most comprehensive study ever ‚  undertaken shows that Roman Catholic priests in the USA have a rate of HIV infection four times higher than the national average (a study whose results the Roman Catholic church has protested, but not with another more comprehensive independent study). Most HIV infection in the USA and other developed countries is statistically vastly communicated sexually, and most of that homosexually communicated. Given the fact that up to 80% of the proven cases of pedophilia by Roman Catholic clergy are homosexual in nature, a pediatric AIDS risk factor to Roman Catholic children whom priests ‚  victimize cannot be ignored. If a Roman Catholic priest, moreover, is more than four times more likely to have HIV than someone else, this is not statistically ‚  minute. It reveals that something is fundamentally wrong on a wide scale.

Internationally, frequency of these sex crimes perpetrated against defenseless ‚  children by Roman Catholic clergy also appears no less widespread in Canada , Great Britain , New Zealand , ‚   Australia , and elsewhere, but ‚   if anything seems considerably worse in Roman Catholic countries such as Ireland and, by some ‚   ‚  reports, the Philippines , Brazil , French speaking Africa, and Austria . With every American diocese and arch diocese and their bishops legally established as culpable in court of allowing this outrage to continue, it is not merely “a few bad apples” , as the Roman Catholic Church would like the public to believe, but the hard ‚   evidence rather points to not only many ‚   rotten apples, ‚   but also a very rotten barrel.


This is not purely a Roman Catholic problem; it is a broad problem within Christendom affecting other churches and denominations as well.


This claim is categorically implausible. No other church, denomination, or ‚  sect any place in the Judeo-Christian world nearly approaches the magnitude ‚   ‚   of what Roman ‚  Catholicism has repeatedly been proven guilty of and liable in court after court, state after ‚  state, and country after country, affecting nearly every single Roman Catholic diocese and arch diocese and ‚  subsequently, in the attempted cover-ups, their prelates in the U.S.A. alone.

With the very limited exception of Anglo-Catholicism that is doctrinally, sacramentally and ritually almost identical to Roman Catholicism, and also practicing clerical celibacy, nothing even remotely approaches the volume of successful litigation brought by childhood victims of sexual abuse against the Roman Catholic Church anywhere in all of global Christendom.

Certain polygamous fundamentalist Mormon sects might represent a partial ‚  exception, but these are on a much more restricted scale and are mainly local in ‚   character. ‚   Women’s Rights Advocates also highlight forced arranged ‚   marriages to underage girls in the Islamic community and in Moslem nations, and forced clitorectomy (female circumcision) in various Islamic cultures. But these practices do not popularly occur anywhere in the Christian world ‚  (although in times past Roman Catholicism did likewise practice forced male ‚  genital mutilation to be sure the little choir boys could properly hit the high notes when singing soprano).

The sustainable fact is that the isolated cases of clerical pedophilia among Eastern ‚  Orthodox, ‚  Protestant, or Evangelical clergy, or by Jewish rabbis, while disgraceful and criminal wherever it has happened, are in actuality very few and far between in standing contrast to Roman Catholicism where pedophilia and efforts to cover it up appear by all comprehensive accounts to be endemic.

Neither does the hierarchy of any other Christian denomination stand as publicly discredited or as legally responsible for covering up such evil crimes.


These sex crimes by priests & nuns against little children and efforts to ‚   cover them up have nothing to do with the hierarchy of the church, nothing ‚   ‚   to do with the Vatican , and nothing to do with the Pope or Papacy ” “ ‚   ‚   ‚  therefore, nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church institutionally. It is about bad individual clergy, not about bad leaders or bad popes; hence, the Roman Catholic Church cannot be labeled as a morally or legally corrupt institution.


There have been many false claims by Roman Catholic spokesmen regarding the epidemic pedophilia by sex pervert priests & nuns, the cover-up and protection of these sex criminals and the consequent failure to protect the victimized children. Of all of these bogus claims however, the historically and legally documented facts prove this claim to be by far the most ridiculous and untenable of all of the unsupportable assertions made by apologists for Roman Catholicism in this shameful regard. Absolutely no one of average intelligence reading the pertinent documentation could reasonably believe this ‚   ‚   blatantly ‚   preposterous claim of innocence of the papacy, hierarchy or church.

To begin with, under Roman Catholic ecclesiastical law, bishops and arch bishops are the custodians of most properties and oversee clergy operating under the auspices of their “see” . They also report to the national conferences bishops, to papal nuncios, and to the Vatican, and are responsible for the implementation of papal policies in their diocese. When practically every single American Roman Catholic diocese has been found active in court of protecting pedophile clergy, it automatically ‚  means the bishop or arch bishop has been legally established as being complicit. In effect, every single bishop, arch bishop and cardinal in the U.S.A., except for two, has been pronounced ‚  responsible by the court for failing to protect defenseless children from their ‚  criminal sex pervert subordinates cloaked in cassocks and habits. Prelate after ‚  prelate has also ‚  been proven ‚  guilty in court of transferring priests they knew ‚  to be pedophile or ‚  allowing clergy they knew to be sex criminals to continue to function around ‚  children. The lawsuits complete with legal fees, court costs, and settlements, have now reached costs into the billions of dollars.

The arch diocese of Los Angeles alone paid $660,000,000.00 in damages to ‚  plaintiffs sexually violated as children by priest after priest after priest. Legal editorialists called the settlement the price of keeping Cardinal Mahoney out of prison if confidential church documents were ever presented in court. The neighboring diocese of San Diego settled for another humungous fee one week later. The arch bishop of Cincinnati ‚  simply pleaded ” ˜no contest’ in court.

When Cormac Murphy O’Connor, London’s cardinal, had been a bishop prior to promotion, he was similarly complicit but escaped prosecution after police investigation, despite his admissions. In New Castle, England , the priest at St. Joseph ’s church was arrested, convicted and sentenced for posting the world record of internet child pornography sites of some 8,000 hours of children being sexually violated.

When cardinal Law of Boston was finally compelled to leave Boston , he was promoted to a position in Rome by Pope John Paul II as Arch Priest of a Vatican Cathedral, and Law then ” ˜said’ the funeral Mass for John Paul II, his benefactor. In one case in Boston , a number of allegedly lesbian ‚   nuns from the ‚   ‚  ” ˜Sisters of ‚   St. Joseph ’ ‚   were accused in ‚   legal action of forcibly holding down ‚   ‚   multiple deaf and dumb little girls who were unable to scream in a Roman ‚   Catholic educational institution and took turns vaginally raping these handicapped little girls with glass bottles.

Gynecological torture is admittedly not a new phenomenon in the Roman Catholic Church. Such practices date back to the inquisitional period when St. Dominic was quoted as teaching that there is a ” ˜crookedness’ in women dueto the fact that a human rib is curved and ‚   Eve was ‚   created from Adam’s rib. Priests who supervised the torture vaginally injected boiling water into women who were tied down naked to make them confess to various practices and heresies for which they could then face possible execution. These nuns said to have vaginally tortured handicapped little girls, however, is a more modern and contemporary practice. Indeed, while sadistic sex torture practices per se are not new to Roman Catholicism, neither is inquisition style mass murder old. Two Dominican ‚  nuns were criminally sentenced for their role in the genocide ‚   in Rwanda where many children were systematically exterminated in the Hutu ‚   -Tutsi tribal war.

The cardinal of Honduras openly boasted he would never ” ˜betray’ any priest; instead it is helpless children being raped and violated who are betrayed by members of the “College of Cardinals. ‚   The cases of bishops in Ireland and the cardinal in Dublin surrounding disclosures of atrocities perpetrated by the ” ˜Christian ‚   Brothers’ and lesbian abuse by sadistic nuns in Magdalene laundries, in which ‚   over 30,000 girls were imprisoned, was nothing less than astounding. America’s first Black arch bishop, Eugene Marino, was forced to resign in disgrace. But worse still, increasingly, bishops themselves have faced charges of sexual misconduct, including J Keith Symons, bishop of Palm Beach, charged with ‚  molesting ‚  5 children and Robert Sanchez of New Mexico , America ’s first Hispanic bishop, accused of improper sexual activity with young women. A total of 7 American Roman Catholic bishops and arch bishop’s have Hans Hermann Groer was accused likewise of molesting little boys. The ‚   ‚   ‚   accusations are multiple. This of course only addresses instances of pedophilia, not the also prolific sexually predatory activity of Roman Catholic clergy with vulnerable female parishioners or sexual and homosexual activities between mutually consenting adults or within their own ranks among themselves. ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚  What transpires of a consensual nature among legal adults however is one thing; use of the classroom and confessional to prey upon helpless children is another.

In one case in Ireland a police detective who investigated a case, where at least ‚   ten little girls dressed as brides for their first communion were raped on the altar ‚   by a priest, was allegedly approached through a Roman Catholic organization ‚   called ” ˜Knights of Columbus’ to make the evidence disappear. The detective ‚  received a medal from the pope ” “ John Paul II. The headline scandal was ‚  uncovered in a 2006 commissioned investigation by the Irish government.

These episodes and others all encompassed members of the hierarchy from ‚  bishop and cardinals up to the Vatican.

Most indicting of the Vatican and pope of all, however, is the papal instruction circulated to the world’s bishops entitled ” ˜Crimine ‚  Solicitationies” . The 69 page Latin document, first uncovered by Texas attorney Daniel Shea, was first distributed in ‚   ‚   1962 by Pope John XXIII, but was reiterated by Pope John Paul II in a letter ‚   ‚   signed by Joseph Radzinger, who is today Pope Benedict. The instruction plainly ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚   refers to ‚   ” ˜the worst crimes’, enforcing the Pope’s order to deal with obscene acts ‚   with youths and brute beasts – (indicating that since at least 1962, the Pope and Vatican knew not only of clerical pedophilia in the ranks of its clergy, but also ‚   clerical bestiality, with some cases of them enjoying sex with animals). The ‚  instruction, moreover, decreed that bishops should have the victims take an oath of secrecy. It is amazing that many Roman Catholics consider ‚  John XXIII and ‚   John Paul II to be saints, when these are proven to be wicked evil men who, in writing, ordered the shielding of the child-raping perverts in their charge instead of guarding the thousands of violated little Roman Catholic children from them.

One victims’ group attempted to bring a private prosecution against the present ‚  pope on the basis of this all-damning official document and a 2001 letter bearing ‚  his signature affirming that it remains church policy. However the U.S. Justice Department squashed the prosecution due to legal and political complications of prosecuting a foreign head of state, as since Ronald Reagan, the U.S. has ‚   ‚   ‚   diplomatically recognized Vatican City.
This document substantiates that the Vatican and the pope orchestrated an international campaign to obstruct justice, protect pedophile sex criminals and ‚   ‚   use religious intimidation to keep the victims quiet.


The pedophile scandals among the Roman Catholic clergy have been ‚  addressed and corrected. It is becoming a past issue.


Nothing could be further from the truth. The massive Roger Mahoney settlement in Los Angeles and the following San Diego settlement are ‚  recent. In recent years in the U.S.A. alone, charges against up to 1200 priests surface annually.

It was Roger Mahoney who demanded the resignation of Kansas governor Frank Keating, himself a Roman Catholic, who headed the Roman Catholic ‚   Church’s own National investigation panel after Frank Keating called for the resignation of church officials caught transferring known sex offenders and as their own chief investigator found the Roman Catholic church guilty of obfuscation, resisting grand jury subpoenas, and suppressing the names of ‚   known pedophile sex criminals.

Prior to his resignation, Governor Keating, as a former FBI agent and ‚  prosecutor, said that these secretive bishops behave like the Costa Nostra, which Mahoney called ” ˜the last straw’. Mahoney has since had to cough up $630 million to pay off victims. ‚   Other diocese led by Dallas (ordered to pay $120 million to homosexually-violated altar boys), have filed bankruptcy and have been accused of hiding assets to escape financial liability.

Near Vienna , the largest Roman Catholic seminary in Europe was closed under pressure from the Austrian government after seizure of the world’s ‚   largest collection of child pornography and homosexual pornography ever uncovered, some 40,000 images, that were found in the seminary, plus videos of priests having sex with young lads seminarians studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood.

All of these events and developments and more are recent, having taken ‚  place in the last few years or are still pending in disposition. One Roman Catholic church official stated that if the church opted for a ‚   zero tolerance ‚   ‚   policy, there would not be enough priests. By all reasonable indications, this ‚  cannot be called a past problem, but an ongoing one.


These sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, no matter how evil and prolific, are unrelated to the official doctrinal teaching of the church itself.


This is of course completely untrue. In his First Epistle to Timothy (chapter ‚   4, verse 3), St. Paul the Apostle was divinely inspired to directly teach that forbidding marriage is in no uncertain terms ” a doctrine of demons” .
Not only did the Apostles not make any exception for clergy, but the Roman Catholic Church admits that St. Peter and other Apostles were ‚  married. According to St. Paul, this included the brothers of Jesus who were married (1 Corinthians chapter 5, verse 9). ‚   After the Roman Catholic ‚  crusades invaded the Levant, they induced certain Eastern breakaway churches to return to coming under the Roman papacy by allowing them to keep a Greek as opposed to Latin Rite and to allow their priests to marry.

Hence, the Roman Catholic Church says it is allowable for some priests to marry, but others not. Many Roman Catholics find this dual standard utterly hypocritical, with even an Eastern Rite Cardinal admitting publicly his opposition to theological mandatory clerical celibacy.

The first instance of required celibacy was in Iberia in 306 AD.

To ‚  understand how this celibacy requirement developed we must go back to Augustine of Hippo, who had been a member of a Gnostic cult believing in theosophical dualism called ” ˜Mancheanism’. The dualistic world view they subscribed to saw all that was spiritual or ethereal as good and what was physical, bad. Thus, as sex was physical, it was bad. To Augustine, the only thing that is good about marriage is having children who will be celibate.

Augustine, who taught that the church could use violence to convert people, did ‚   not give balanced emphasis to the Book of Genesis where, after creating them male and female as Imagio Dei beings in His image and likeness, God said ‚  ” ˜it was good”  and the first divine command that God gave to man was to be fruitful and multiply.

Augustine then combined the Manichean belief he brought with him from the ‚  pagan world into the church along with the voluntary celibacy St. Paul wrote of in his first Epistle to the Corinthians chapter 7. In time, by papal decree, this ‚  was transformed into a mandatory celibacy. In the Eastern Church however, Augustine was never a patristic writer or recognized as a church father. Thus the papacy decrees that an Eastern Rite of the Roman church permits a clergyman have a wife, but ‚  Latin Rite does not. Thus, when God created human sex and ‚  established holy matrimony God said it was good. When the Roman Catholic Church outlawed what God said was good and natural, sex-starved Roman ‚   ‚   Catholic clergy do what is bad and unnatural;, many of them with children.

These epidemics of Roman Catholic pedophilia by its clergy is directly the ‚   consequence of something that God instructed St. Paul to teach is ‚   doctrinally demonic ” “ that is from Satan.

Roman Catholics must either face the painful and shameful facts and believe ‚  St. Paul, or they must ignore the facts and believe a demonstrably corrupt ‚  Vatican and what the New Testament plainly calls a “Teaching of Devils” .


This problem could be corrected if the Roman Catholic Church admitted it has been wrong all along and allows all, not just some, of its clergy to ‚   marry.


This could only make sense if the Roman Catholic Church were to allow its clergy to have ” ˜same sex’ marriages, given the fact that the majority of the sexual violation of children by its clergy is of a homosexual nature.

We of course do not agree with same sex marriage, but even that is less evil than priests sodomizing small boys, and bishops, knowing what they do, continuing to protect sodomites instead of protecting the children they rape.

Moreover, if the Roman Catholic Church admitted it has been wrong all along, it would open a Pandora ’s Box of dozens of other Roman Catholic doctrines that many non-Catholics and Catholics alike contest as contrary to the original teachings of Jesus and the Apostles in the scriptures. It also opens the door to the possibility of the Vatican finally opening its secret archives and coming clean about Roman Catholic hierarchy involvement with the Third Reich & global fascism (including Jose Maria Escrive, the founder of the Opus Dei ‚   movement, now canonized as a saint by Pope ‚   John Paul II), the infamous ” ˜ Rat Route ’ protection of wanted Nazi war criminals, the notorious Calvi Affair and Ambrosiano Bank Scandal ‚   ‚   that saw 200 murders, Pope John Paul II not handing Vatican Bank ‚  president Paul Marcinkus over to police authorities for questioning and the ‚   Vatican paying hundreds of millions of dollars to defrauded depositors.

Even the Vatican itself does not view clerical matrimony as a panacea, because up to 80% of the instances of pedophilia among its priests and nuns are homosexual and/or lesbian in nature. ‚   Hence, removing its ban on clerical marriage would be an inadequate avenue to manage their problem because they would also need to place a benediction on same sex marriages for its clergy.

The obvious problem is that as was admitted by a spokesman for a Roman Catholic psychiatric institution in Great Britain on a TV interview, the Roman Catholic clergy attracts pedophiles seeking access to children and others who wrongly believe a celibate lifestyle can be a means to curing their problem.

Another factor appears to be that some lesbians are attracted to the all female convent environment and in some cases a religious imagery and an emphasis on mortification and/ or being under the control of same sex superiors is appealing to sado-masochistic inclinations among some lesbians. This was solidly documented in Ireland in the film ‘The Magdalene Sisters’. In an effort to prevent further litigation, one Irish order of nuns placed a statement of apology in an Irish national daily newspaper after published victim’s reports of nuns pouring boiling water on little orphan girls in acts of ‘convent discipline’.

Some homosexual males with fetishes for transvestite activity and cross dressing may ‚  likewise be drawn to the priesthood for cross-garbing into frock-like vestments.

Thus, with the celibate clergy not infrequently being a magnet for homosexual and lesbian pedophiles which constitute the majority of adjudicated cases, heterosexual marriage would not be able to provide a solution.

A final factor is the growing shortages of priests and nuns, which many argue propels the church to be less than selective as to whom it recruits and any zero tolerance would exasperate the shortages. Moreover, as the strongly homosexual faculty at Europe’s biggest seminary demonstrated many of the recruiters and their teachers are of that orientation. Some religious orders and seminaries have been described as “Gay Clubs’. The problem is too fundamentally woven into the fabric of the Catholic cloth to reform, even if it amended its policy on unmarried clergy.


This maelstrom of pedophile sex scandal among Roman Catholic clergy, shielding these sex criminals and sacrificing the welfare of the violated children involves very ‚   nearly every diocese and, consequently, bishop in the USA , and it is much the same ‚   globally. The Vatican is implicated in the policy of cover-up, including Popes John XXIII, John Paul II and the current Pope Benedict. The problem is rooted deeply in the history ‚   and dogma of the Roman Catholic church. It is an ongoing problem, with the Roman ‚   Catholic church’s own lead investigator resigning after concluding that the actions of ‚   secretive bishops were akin to what he encountered as an FBI agent and prosecutor in ‚   the Mafia and in organized crime.

It is ironic that the same week in 2007 when the twin payouts of nearly one billion dollars to childhood victims of ‚  clerical pedophilia in the Roman Catholic arch diocese of Los Angeles and San Diego alone, that Pope Benedict cum Joseph Radzinger declared that only The Roman Catholic was a valid church. It is difficult for thinking people to accept the claims of ‚  the present pope claims that only his so called “church”  that protects dangerous sex criminals in its clergy under threat of excommunication of the victimized little children they rape and molest, and their parents is a valid church.

In his Nazi youth, the present pope, unlike many decent German Protestants and ‚   Catholics alike, was no conscientious objector, but rather wore the Swastika and fought ‚   for Hitler and The Third Reich against America , Britain , Australia & New Zealand , ‚   Canada , and France . ‚  Now he wears the tiara and issues letters instructing bishops to threaten victimized children and their families with ex-communication if they have priests and nuns who rape ‚  little children arrested. This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ but is directly contrary to the teaching of Jesus and The Holy Apostles. St. Paul wrote in his Epistle to the Romans chapter 13: 3-4 that civil authorities are God’s agents to protect innocent people (such as priest ” “ raped children) from dangerous criminals.

Roman Catholics must choose whose words the will follow, the Words of Jesus and His Apostles, or the words of an ex ‚   member of Hitler’s Nazi army ‚  who issues decrees demanding the safeguard of the worst kinds of criminals instead of protecting the raped and forcibly sodomized Roman Catholic children such priests and nuns prey upon.

We again ‚   invite , indeed we dare, any Roman Catholic priest or ‚   nun to engage in a moderated debate to openly contest these facts in an open ‚   public forum before a video camera ‚   where documented, photo and film ‚  evidence can be presented, which will include the testimony of a woman whose little boy took his life after bring repeatedly raped by a priest whom the police believe forcibly sodomized 24 other under age boys in a Roman Catholic boarding school ‚  (the culprit having been protected by his religious order). It is our firm conviction that the credibility of any member of the Roman Catholic clergy agreeing to such a debate, and the moral reputation of The Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy will be utterly demolished, not by us, but rather by the hard irrefutable facts, including court records and victim testimony.

The majority of these crimes perpetrated by priests and nuns against children took place in Roman Catholic education and in instruction for sacraments.

By financially contributing to the support of the Roman Catholic Church, Catholics must ask if they are donating money to hire lawyers to keep bishops out of jail that ought to be in jail for protecting pedophile sex criminals, and to pay compensation to the victims.

More importantly, the Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy have been proven in court in case after case to ‚  have failed to protect its children in its efforts to protect their rapists. The same church that protected Nazi criminals has protected its pedophiles.

Roman Catholic parents must face the fact that the church has proven itself in case after case unwilling to protect their children, but, rather, only their molesters. By having their children educated in Catholic schools and allowing priests and nuns access to their children for sacramental instruction, Catholic parents must confront questions about potential risk to their children since the church cannot be relied upon to protect them from sex criminal members of its clergy.

It is our belief, and the belief of many former Roman Catholics, including former priests and nuns, that Jesus and the Apostles taught in the New Testament that salvation does not come from rituals controlled by a institution whose hierarchy has repeatedly demonstrated itself to be malevolent and corrupt in regard to pedophilia, but by a personal saving faith in Jesus personally.

It is not necessary for Roman Catholics to rely on such a scandal-scarred institution, or place their children at potential risk from sex criminal clergy, to be truly Christian.

We encourage all of our Roman Catholic friends to prayerfully read and examine the holy scriptures for themselves and we invite all Roman Catholics to visit our website:

We also urge all who have in their childhood been molested by Roman Catholic clergy to obtain qualified legal advice to help bring these cruelest and most debased of all criminals to justice before they damage anymore little children, and to bring the bishops, arch bishops, and cardinals who have protected them to legal accountability.

We recommend the following support groups for victims and their families:
Joshua Children Fund ‚   www.

and ‚  Bishop Accountability

Above All We Encourage ‚   Our Roman Catholic Friends To Visit The Following Websites And To Consider The Facts In Light Of God’s Word.

The Berean Beacon

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