Robert Sungenis Debate Back Down

Moriel and Jacob Prasch wish to express their public disgust at the back down by the supposedly premier Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis to publicly debate the Greek text of “UPON THIS ROCK” from Matthew chapter 16 before impartial language experts in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic biblical linguistics.

Jacob and Moriel readily agreed to this debate in an open ‚  public forum before a video camera and in the presence of one impartial expert Greek language co-moderator and one impartial expert Hebrew and Aramaic co-moderator to provide independent verification of ‚   grammar and vocabulary definitions of the original Greek text and underlying Hebrew and Aramaic thought by experts that were not either Roman Catholic or Evangelical and therefore non-allegiant to either party in the planned debate.

We have e-mail records by Robert Sugenis’ office also accepting to debate, and to our astonishment we have now received a personal e-mail from Robert Sugenis himself refusing to debate before impartial, academically qualified language experts insisting that the lay audience decide whose interpretation of the ‚  Greek, Hebrew, & Aramaic is correct. Anyone wishing a copy of his e-mail can receive one upon request by e-mail.

Medical radiology is no layman’s field and someone who is not a qualified physician cannot logically verify the accuracy of an x-ray diagnosis they cannot read themselves.Civil engineering is no layman’s field and someone who is not an engineer logically cannot verify the accuracy of a blueprint reading they cannot themselves read. Likewise, biblical linguistics is no layman’s field and the demand of Robert Sungenis to place the task on a lay audience to verify the accurate translation of ancient languages they themselves cannot even read is too self-evidently ludicrous to warrant any further serious comment.

It is obvious in our estimation that Robert Sugenis is publicly running scared because his twisted exegesis of Matthew 16 is bogus and would be debunked as such in a scholarly debate conducted in the presence of those who are literate in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

Anyone wishing a copy of the DVD of Jacob Prasch filmed on location in Israel at Caesarea Phillippi where Jesus made His “Upon This Rock”  statement is invited to order one ‚  from the Moriel web site, or by postal order via our publication or catalogue.

The “UPON THIS ROCK” DVD debunking the invented myth of the papacy comes with a standing invitation to debate any Roman Catholic priest or nun in public , before a video camera, and in the presence of impartial Greek and Hebrew language experts.

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