Rick Warren, Syria, and the Sorko Rams

by James Jacob Prasch

Given his propensity to twist the Word of God out of context and his urging of Christians to avoid “End Times Prophecy” by an unbelievable butchering of a biblical text, we are not surprised by Rick Warren”s latest adventures in singing the praises of ‚   terrorist Hizbollah”s ‚   Syrian sponsors, and doing so the very week that Lebanese Christian leader Pierre Jemayliel was assassinated by Syrian backed interests.

Neither are we surprised by Rick Warren teaming up with John Ortberg in his “peace plan’. Ortberg wants Christians to demand that Israel forfeit more of its biblical covenant land to Islam.

Finally, given their track record , we are not surprised by the shameful actions of Ari and Shira Sorko Ram and their MAOZ organization in translating Rick Warren’s books into Hebrew for distribution in Israel at the same time Warren is on his march against Israel and biblical prophecy and is now lauding Jew-hating Syria, whose sponsoring of Islamic terror murders Jews. This is precisely what we have come to expect from MAOZ.

It was federally indicted money preacher Morris Cerullo’s book distributed in Israel without the consent of the local Israeli congregations (condemned by a host of Israeli messianic pastors) that provoked Israel’s anti-evangelism law making it more legally difficult to present Yeshua to Jewish souls in Israel. The book had the address of the Sorko Ram’s MAOZ ministry on the cover. Now these same MAOZ people are collaborating with a pro-Syria Rick Warren in what many if not most people could only interpret as a further betrayal of Israel by them.

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