Reply to International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

May 27th, 2011 – London (UK)

To : Jennifer Goddard and Jurgen Buhler
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Greetings in Yeshua and thank you for your e mail.

As a believer in born again believer in Yeshua with an Israeli-Jewish family and a son who served in combat in the IDF (my own service was brief), it is indeed my prayer that the Lord will give ICEJ eyes to see that our Jewish people are perishing without a saving faith in the Messiah Yeshua, that Israel is heading to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble to make a covenant with death by a treaty with the Antichrist, and that the Talmudic Judaism of the rabbis rejecting Yeshua is a false religion.

Obviously I and our ministry Moriel vigorously and actively oppose Antisemitism, Replacement Theology, and anti-Zionism as a visit to our website proves. Yet witholding the Gospel from Jewish people on their way to hell without it is not the love of Jesus; God will require their blood from our hands (Acts 20:26, Ezekiel 33:8).

I do not say or believe that all believers are called to evangelize in a high profile way, but we are all called to evangelize. Local believers in Israel should share the Good News of Yeshua actively and ex-patriot organizations should do it in a discreet, low-key manner. But making agreements with the Israeli government and rabbis to not share Yeshua at all, published policies of not sharing Yeshua to Jews, or subscribing to the heresy of Dual Covenant Theology murders Jews spiritually just as Nazis and Islamic terrorists murder them physically. To withhold the only true message of hope and salvation in Yeshua is anti-Semitic in itself. The view that falsely claims that God will save them through the witness of our actions only without our words is a deception. Israel and the Jews must both see action and hear words; God’s Word declares, “How will they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14).

Malcom Hedding’s ‘Tabernacles’ false teaching that “Jesus never came to die” is a lie of Satan as was your founder Van Der Hoven’s false teaching I have seen on video at a Morris Cerullo crusade, stating that Christians are only called to comfort Israel not evangelize them. A reading of Isaiah 40 in context proves categorically that the manner God commands to comfort them is with the Gospel”””Besora” (Isaiah 40:1, 9).

Frankly, the long and shameful history of scandal that has defined the ICEJ with the deposition of Van Der Hoven, then Lukoff, etc. is nothing short of a disgrace and is why decent people involved with ICEJ at the begining such as Col. Orde Dobbie, the Watsons in Canada and Dr. Michael Harry pulled away from it. I know or knew all of them and they all told the same sad story.

By all means, bless Israel and oppose anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in these treacherous times, and may God bless you richly for doing it. Stand also firmly against the false doctrine of Replacement Theology in the church. But above all, Israel and the Jews need Yeshua desperately. As the International Director of Jews For Jesus David Brickner wrote and published: “True Christian Zionists are unrepentant evangelists to the Jews; the others are fakes and phonies”. He is right.

I write this letter in a spirit of Christian love as I appreciate all who love Israel and the Jews. I trust you will be able to accept this letter in the spirit in which it is intended. It is not my aim to attack you personally or cause any undue offense, but I must attempt to speak the truth in love.

Sincerely In Jesus,

J. Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.” (Rom. 10:1)

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