Question To Jacob Regarding Soul Sleep and Annihilationism

Dear Jacob,

I was listening to a lecture on soul sleep and it was said that your writings on this had a very concerning silence on the issue of the final state of the lost i.e. after the final judgment. ‚   I don”t much care for arguments from silence and so I thought I would go to the source. ‚   What is the final disposition of the lost after the final judgment and are they conscious or not?


Jacob’s Response

Greetings in Jesus.

I never dealt with the issue at length in my writings but I have addressed it plainly in our recorded material.

In the MORIEL CD & audio series entitled “THANATOLOGY ” “ A Biblical Understanding Of Death & The Afterlife”  I make it clear that “Soul Sleep”  is not scriptural, but is an aberrational belief held by such erroneous sects as Seventh-Day Adventists. This series has been out for a few years and is available through Moriel.

Jesus told the good thief that he would the very day of their death be with Jesus in Paradise (Lk. 23:43).

Paul states that upon death we are in the presence of The Lord, and in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, it is clear that upon entering eternity we are in a conscious state.

Soul Sleep is not a biblical doctrine and comes from misunderstanding certain Old Testament and New Testament ‚  passages where death is called “sleep”.

Time exists only relative to us. Upon entering eternity the dead in Christ are in fact alive in His presence though not biologically. They are only asleep biologically (until the resurrection) and relative to us still in time. The doctrine of “Soul Sleep” is not biblical.

For an in depth explanation of these scriptures I would refer you to the Thanatology tapes.

In Christ,

JJ Prasch

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