Pope John Paul II Cum Karol Wojtyla: Looking for a Miracle

Pope John Paull II kissing the Quran

It is”haggios” in the Greek New Testament , “kodesh” in Hebrew Tanakh, and “sanctus” in the Latin Vulgate. Call them “kadoshim” or call them “saints” , it still means “holy ones” and Scripture calls all of those redeemed and sanctified by Christ through The Holy Spirit “Saints”.

The Roman Catholic church however, has a different definition from the scriptural one. To the papacy it is elevating someone to the doctrinal authority of the Word of God by pronouncing them as “canon”. Much as Romanism teaches an unscriptural priesthood apart from the priesthood of all believers, it likewise teaches a separate status of sainthood apart from the sainthood of all believers taught in God’s Word.

It goes beyond this however, by teaching that the “surplus grace” merited by these “canonized saints” goes into the Treasury of Merits administered by the Roman Catholic clergy and church for the awarding of indulgences. The sale of these is how the Vatican’s construction was financed. The Dominican indulgence merchant Johann Tetzel preached that one could rape Mary, the Mother of Jesus and be forgiven if they came up with the right price. For all of Luther’s indefensible later faults, this outrage infuriated him into writing the 95 Theses. The Dominicans are the same folks who both gave us the Spanish Inquisition and tortured and murdered countless tens of thousands in the name of Christ, but also whose Dominican nuns were sentenced 10 years ago for orchestrating genocide in Rwanda with at least 7,000 victims lying dead at the feet of the same Dominican order. ‚   The Roman Church needs canonized saints because saints mean money, relics, sacramental icons, and pilgrimages which mean more money. Two million are expected in Rome to attend the beatification of John Paul II.

The Hebrew term for grace is “hesed” meaning “Divine Covenant Mercy”. The Greek term is “charism” meaning “gift”. The English term grace means “unmerited favor”. How one can earn or merit that which by nature and definition is unmerited and un-earnable (except by the solitary merit of Christ) is one problematic question. How the Roman Catholic church could canonize papal warlords of the Dark Age or, more preposterous still, those whom the papacy admit never even existed such as St. Christopher, is yet another. Enter John Paul II.

In order to get his halo, two alleged miracles must be attributed to Karol Wojtyla as required by Roman Catholic Canon Law. So far they claim to have one. The Devil’s advocate can relax. We can easily find another miracle. It is a miracle that as an unprincipled obstructer of Justice who protected sex pervert pedophile priests and nuns at the expense of not protecting the defenseless children whose lives these sex criminals destroyed he was never indicted and brought to Justice. Under his direction, his deputy Joseph “Rottweiler” Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) ‚   reissued Pope John XXIII’s Solicitacciones Criminales. In the USA alone 177 out of 179 Roman Catholic dioceses and arch diocese have been proved libel in court for protecting sex criminal pedophile clergy instead of protecting their victims. The same track record is found in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and worse in Catholic countries such as Ireland and Brazil. ‚   Wojtyla promoted his friend Boston Cardinal Law to a position in Rome when Law was forced out of Boston due to his systematic shielding of his baby raping vultures in cassocks allowing the continuing violation of children. Now we are told Wojtyla is a “saint”. This is a miracle.

Wojtyla also canonized the fascist pro-Nazi founder of Opus Dei Josemarie Escriva. At the height of the bloodshed in the former Yugoslavia he also blessed the legacy of the Ustashi Nazi Archbishop Stepinac ‚   who was directly complicit in the holocaust of three quarters of a million Serbs and Jews. It is a miracle that the world does not stand up and denounce this villain as the antichrist reprobate he truly was.

Indeed, the Epistle of St. John tells us that denial of the Father-Son ‚   relationship of Jesus is “antichrist“; yet Wojtyla publicly and reverentially kissed the Quran which states that “God is not Begotten and does not Beget ““ God Has No Son”. God’s Word calls this antichrist. Is it not a miracle that this abomination is popularly ignored?

Is it not a miracle that a pope who refused to hand over Vatican Bank president Bishop Paul Marcinkus to Italian police authorities, but rather hid him in the Vatican during the Ambrosiano Bank scandal is a fact purged from papal history?

Instead of branding him for what he actually was based on what he actually did, the Roman Catholic Church ‚  wants to canonize him a saint. ‚   But why not? The papacy did the same with multiple authors of tyranny and murder such as the mystical founder of the Jesuits Ignatius Loyola (“if it is daylight and the Catholic church says it is night ““ we must believe it is night”; the Jesuits murdered countless innocent souls) and the founder of the Dominicans (“Women are devious because the rib is crooked and Eve was made from Adam’s rib” which led to the internal gynecological torture of women by his followers in the inquisitions).

The all-enduring and all-eclipsing papal legacy of hypocrisy and revisionism continues unabated as usual. May the God of heaven in His mercy draw people out of Satan’s lie of Roman Catholicism and into a saving faith in the real Jesus of the Scriptures. ‚   As millions of ex-Catholics have discovered, salvation is not found in necromancy, graven image veneration, pedophile priesthoods, religious traditions of men, mass cards, or indulgences of nefarious dead people canonized as saints, some of whom never existed; salvation is found in Christ alone. ‚   The Good News for our Roman Catholic friends is that salvation is by regeneration, not by sacraments, and comes directly from Jesus, not a corrupt papal agency or child molesting clergy. The blood of Christ cleanses from all sin. They do not have to atone in an imagined purgatory for their own.


[Lat:”The Lamb of God, who wipes away (or removes) the sins of the world”]

Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

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