Pope Benedict The Great

The same week that the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese of Los Angeles and its notorious shield ‚   of ‚   baby raping sex pervert Roman Catholic clergy ” “ Cardinal Mahoney announced a $630,000,000.00 payment to victims of its sex criminal priests and nuns, the Vatican made another announcement. According to the present pope, all other churches are invalid.

In Dachau , Germany where the Germans did medical experiments on Jewish children, a number of dissident conscientious objectors were interred, including young Roman Catholics. Joseph Radzinger, now the pope, was not among them. ‚   Instead Radzinger chose to wear the swastika and the uniform of a nazi and fight for Hitler.

In Dachau, were two prison barracks of Roman Catholic priests who went against the instruction of ‚   their Arch Bishop, the Jesuit Michael Schmauss, who published his Treaties ” ˜Empire and State instructing German Catholics of their religious obligation to support Hitler and Nazism. This was in line with the Episcopal edict in Vienna by Cardinal Inninger, and the treaty the Roman Catholic hierarchy made with the Third Reich. At the same time in America, the notorious Jesuit Coughlin broadcast pro-Hitler sermons to 20 million American Catholics by radio. Despite his actions, after the war Schmauss was promoted to cardinal by Pope John XXIII who called this theocratic Nazi apologist for the Third Reich “the Theologian of Munich”.

Given the close association of the Roman Catholic church to international fascism in Peron’s Argentina, Mussolini’s Italy (who made the Lateran Concordat with Pope Pius) , and with Franco in Spain, and the pro-Nazi dogma of Jose Maria Escrive and his “OPUS DEI”, it is little wonder that the Vatican organized its “Rat Route” facilitating the escape of Nazi war criminals to fascist Roman Catholic countries in South America.

It is also little wonder that under Radzinger, the same so-called “church” that protected Nazi war criminals from justice now protects paedophiles. ‚   In the Criminale Solicitaccionnes directive issued by Radzinger in his role as Director of the Congregation of Sacred Doctrine (until 1908 literally called “the inquisition” ” “ the same convocation historically responsible for one blood bath after another) that was exposed on the BBC, we understand Radzinger. At the behest of his predecessor and reiterating the papal decree of John XXIII, Radzinger commands bishops globally to protect paedophile clergy at the expense of not protecting the innocent children whose lives these filthy deviants in cassocks and habits destroy. Not only does the document verify the Vatican’s awareness of pedophilia, but the text reveals of Vatican awareness of its clergy having sex with animals in apparent acts of religious bestiality. ‚   This is Pope Benedict, and this is indeed the criminal sex pervert church of Rome in all of its Antichrist shame, filth, and debauchery.

With the exception of two diocese where the litigation is still pending, each of the 179 Roman Catholic Diocese and Arch Diocese in the USA has been found guilty in court, and that means their bishops, arch bishops, and cardinals. The situation in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand is no better, and in Roman Catholic countries like Ireland, Brazil, the Philippines, French speaking Africa, and Austria it is worse.

In Brazil the BBC revealed how the church orchestrated a campaign to persecute the elderly grandmother of an impoverished orphan when she tried to stop a priest who kept her little grandson from the age of 4 as his woman, while the Bishop knew the priest’s paedophile past.

In Ireland, not only has every bishop been caught protecting paedophiles, but 30,000 women have come forward with tales of sadistic lesbian abuse by nuns in the Magdalen laundries, and countless more young boys victims of the “christian brothers”. In one case reported in the headlines of the Irish Press, one priest using an altar as a bed systematically raped at least 10 little girls aged 6 dressed as little brides on their First Communion. The senior detective investigating these crimes was approached through “The Catholic Knights of Columbus” according to the investigation and the evidence envelop subsequently disappeared. The detective then received a medal from the pope ” “ all covered in the front page Dublin headlines.

In Austria, the largest roman Catholic seminary in Europe where Rome trains its priests, the curriculum proved interesting. In the largest catch of child porn in history over 40,000 images of children being violated were found as well as videos of priests having homosexual explicit relations with seminarians. The seminary, again the largest in Europe, was closed down after it was revealed that the cardinal knew about it. In studying for their priesthood in that environment seminarians were virtually being taught how to sexually violate small defenseless children. Once again, it was in the media widely covered and as always the victims were ignored and the guilty protected by their leaders.

When Cardinal Law was caught protecting paedophile clergy he was promoted to a position as arch priest in Rome and honored with the distinction of saying the funeral mass for the pope who promoted him, John Paul II.

Like the Nazis and as with the inquisitors who practiced torture in times past however, these bishops, arch bishops, and cardinals can indeed point to Pope Benedict’s edict and plead “I was just following orders” .

Now, this same pope tells us other churches are not valid. We are left to ask him a question. What exactly makes a church valid, Heir Radzinger?

Is protecting paedophile sex criminals at the expense of not protecting the children whose lives they destroy a requirement for being “valid” ? Is having child raping sexual, ‚   homosexual, and lesbian perverts a requirement for validity? Does behaving like those nuns in Boston who raped the 13 little deaf and dumb girls with bottles and were protected by your “church”  render us valid?

Please tell us, is the Ambrosiano bank scandal involving over 200 murders and the Vatican paying hundreds of millions in compensation a requirement to be a valid church ?

Actually we already know that the first requirement is to reject the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles who in Acts chapter 15 condemned the ritual consumption of blood as practiced in your unbiblical cannibalistic doctrine of transubstantiation.

The second requirement is to deny their teaching that the blood of Christ cleanses from all sin, but we must rather atone for our own in purgatory.

We must reject their teaching that the death of Christ was the perfect once and for all sacrifice as the New Testament plainly states no fewer than six times and rather come to the heathen cannibalism of your pagan eucharist which in exegetical context has no relationship to the Lord’s Supper deriving from the Jewish Passover as Christ actually taught it.

We must also deny the teaching of the Apostles that there is but one mediator between Gods and man, Jesus the righteous and instead share that unique position with a the ancient female cult deity you confuse with the true Mary.

We are also expected to believe (at least since 1854 when it was proclaimed) that Radzinger the former Nazi and a proven protector of paedophiles is when speaking

“Ex Cathedra” is infallible and is incapable of human error.

From your inquisitions to your papal wars and anathemas to the financial impropriety and political intrigue of your Bourge and Medici family popes, to your authentic origin in Imperial Roman pontifical ‚   paganism , ‚   your own history of genocide and corruption ‚   that indicts you demonstrates categorically that yours has been a series of errors stretching over a course of many centuries and still with us today in all of the satanic wickedness you have always harbored in the papacy.

We have no great admiration for the Reformers or the Reformation by and large as so much of Protestantism has been little better, but as ex-priests Luther, Calvin, Cranmer and Zwingli were certainly correct about you.

The ultimate question however is not addressed to Radzinger but to Chuck Colson and his ilk including JI Packer, Dr. Kent, and Pat Robertson who are all signatories to Colson’s “EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS TOGETHER” .

Colson was once a criminally convicted deceiver for a corrupt Nixon White House who was justly sentenced to prison as a criminal for political corruption. Now he is a deceiver for a co-equally corrupt Vatican and unless he repents his sentence awaits him.

Tell us Mr. Colson, how can we be “TOGETHER” with an institution that decrees that the existence of our Bible believing churches are not even valid?

James Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

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