Paul Cain, R. T. Kendell, and Friends

by James Jacob Prasch

Where Is All The Big Talk Now?

In late summer of 1990, the late John Wimber brought the Kansas City Prophets to Great Britain for a series of hyped-up meetings at London’s Docklands Arena. The agenda included Mike Bickel, who in direct defiance to the plain teaching of the Word of God, voiced the opinion shared by false prophet Rick Joyner “that a prophet can be partly right and partly wrong in what he predicts”. This of course runs contrary of the biblical criteria of a true prophet in Deuteronomy 18. Among others, Rick Joyner, Bickel himself, Gerald Coates, Cindy Jacobs, Juanita Bynum, and Benny Hinn, along with a wide host of many more, ,  would all by biblical definition be among the false prophets Jesus warned in the last days to deceive the elect. All have made time specific prophetic predictions in the name of the Lord that failed to transpire.

The fiasco at the Dockland’s Arena cheered on by Elim’s Colin Dye, Gerald Coates, Sandy Millar, and Alpha course guru, Nicky Gumbel, was the harbinger of the counterfeit moves of God from Toronto and Pensacola that failed to produce promised revivals and have left the church in a more deteriorated state than it already had been in according to the statistical evidence of ‚   Barna Reports in the USA and the Brierley Reports in the UK. Before Toronto and Pensacola, the first stage of these hyped-up deceptions, that categorically failed to deliver what they promised, was with the Kansas City Prophets.

When warned that Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones was immoral, Wimber retorted “We know, that is why we only let him pray for leaders!” When confronted with their false prophecies The Kansas City False Prophets were defended by those who described them as “pipes with two open ends spewing both truth and error, sometimes God’s speaks from them and sometimes the devil.” In fact, there are clairvoyants with familiar spirits prophesying by demonic power who have a better track record than many of those giving false prophetic predictions within the body of Christ today.

No one can forget the outrageous predictions of supernatural revival that was to come from Britain and spread into Germany in October of 1990, according to the Kansas City Prophets except those latter Rain (false) teachers who made and promoted the false predictions and now don’t want to be held accountable. In fact, since 1990 more mosques have been built in Britain than churches, the Mormon cult has become the fastest growing so called “Christian” movement, and Islam has become the fastest growing institutionalized religion.

The new arch bishop of Canterbury has ordained homosexuals and is a member of a Druid sect, and UK church attendance has nose dived incredibly. Morris Cerullo was exposed on national TV by the crown coroner, Sir Montague Levine, as culpable in the death of an epileptic who drowned in her bath after ceasing to take medication when Cerullo pronounced her healed. Cerullo was also found guilty of all 4 charges against him for unethical fund-raising by the UK Advertising Standards Council. Yet all the while, Cerullo continued to be promoted by Kensington Temple and the Elim Movement.

Since the promised revival, the public legacy of church scandal has escalated unabated, with the spill over from the USA, where TBN leader Paul Crouch was exposed for paying $435,000 in a legal settlement with a hush clause regarding allegations of homosexual soliciting by Crouch. Not only have the prophecies of the Kansas City Prophets failed to materialize, but the diametric opposite has happened. ‚   ‚  Yet yourself, Colin Dye, Gerald Coates, Sandy Miller, and Nicky Gumbel ‚  all flocked to bring your flocks under the spiritual influence of Paul Cain and The Kansas City Prophets.

The openly Gnostic hermeneutics employed by Jack Deere in defending the “Joel’s Army” false teaching of Wimber and the Kansas City Prophets was astounding. Responsible exegesis, context, and co-text were thrown out the window by Deere. Instead, using a mystical subjective Gnostic revelation, Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian army, and the locusts, which according to Revelation 9 are the demon cohorts of Antichrist, were redefined as the “triumphant church”. Cain himself openly acknowledged his mentor to be William Branham, a heretical maniac who claimed to be the angel of Revelation 3:15 and prophesied “The Trinity Is Of The Devil – Thus Saith The Lord”. ‚  Paul Cain also ‚  reiterated the old “Manifest Sons” doctrine once rejected as heretical by the Assemblies of God and cited his indebtedness to A. A. Allan, ‚  the con man who claimed the supernatural appearance of oil on his hands, ‚  only to die ‚  a drunkard’s death. But that made ‚  little difference to R. T. Kendall.

Shortly after the Dockland’s event, billed by Wimber and his supporters at Holy Trinity Brompton as “equipping the saints”, Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones was exposed in gross sexual immorality. Wimber closed the conference hailing Paul Cain, the patriarch of the Apostles and Prophets movement, as “saving the best wine for last”.

Despite warnings that the over-realized eschatology of the Kansas City Prophets was not biblical and their view of apostolic and prophetic authority was alien to what the Word of God teaches of such ministries and bears no resemblance to any scriptural understanding of charismata or Pentecost, R. T. Kendell, heir to the pulpit of Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, extolled Paul Cain as his great and mighty conference partner. Kendell also departed from the biblical foundations once bequeathed by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and took London’s West Minster Chapel into the laughing and drunken deception.

Now that the false prophecies of the Kansas City (false) Prophets have long been proven false, the truth about their spiritual father Paul Cain has emerged. His own sons in the ministry now acknowledge that Cain is a drunken sex pervert. His alcoholism and homosexuality are now public knowledge, but should ‚   not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the antics of this spiritually deranged and pathetic figure. ‚   The Latter Rain prophetically promised by Cain and Bickel never fell, ‚  but Wimber’s best wine was indeed saved for last and Paul Cain, the homosexual false prophet, got drunk on it.

With his partnership with Paul Cain, and his support for the failed revival promised by the ‚   Toronto hype artistry, ‚   R.T. ‚   Kendell, in the opinion of many, subverted the pulpit of ‚   Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, like us was himself a moderate charismatic. R. T. Kendall tragically mislead the congregation into the very directionDr. Martin Lloyd Jones warned against and tried to protect his flock from. Having followed a false revival that failed to deliver the goods, and now having aligned himself with his ‘great prophet of God’ Paul Cain, publicly revealed as a drunk and a homosexual, we would like to ask R.T. Kendell a question – Where is all of your big talk now?

Now that your credibility has been self-destroyed, why should anyone pay any more attention to you now?

The jury is no longer out, R.T. Kendell. Your Toronto Experience was not a revival but a con and a lot of abject hype, and your Paul Cane is not a true prophet, but a drunkard ‚   and a perverse deviate who enjoys sex with other men whom you had preaching to the flock of God from your pulpit, at your invitation, and at your endorsement and behest. How can there be the authentic revival that the church so desperately needs when all we have is the spiritual lunacy of false shepherds lauding the failed prophecy of personally immoral false prophets and propounding the bankrupt theology of virtual rogues?

A number of solid Christians felt the heritage inherited from Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and Campbell Morgan had been betrayed by you ‚  and left that once revered congregation in a state of disgust once it had been wrecked ‚  by what ‚  they considered to be havoc ‚  thanks to ‚  yourself and your ‚  so called “prophet” Paul Cain.

Now that his own prot ƒ ©g ƒ ©s publicly admit what Paul Cain is, are you now going to show the courage, integrity, and humility to admit that you were mislead and were used of the enemy, Satan, to mislead others? Or are you going to try to do the kind of whitewash job God’s Word warns us to expect from people seemingly of your ilk in Ezekiel 13 who try to whitewash over the false prophecies and immorality of their false prophets?

I hope it will be the former. But given the sad legacy that you left at Westminster Chapel before you left for Key Largo, Florida in the estimation of a number of former members, I expect it will be the latter. For your sake, I pray to God I will be proved wrong.

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