Patrick Seale’s Imbalanced Article

To The Editor ” “ International Herald Tribune

I have never read a more distorted misrepresentation of events in Gaza than the absurd litany of half truths and revisionism ignoring militant Islamic aggression after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza failed to stop the attacks on Israel by Patrick Seale. In his perverted world, Islamic terrorist aggressors are victims, and victims defending themselves are aggressors.

Seale conducts himself like a de facto apologist for Islamic terror and the IHT gave him a platform for his propaganda.

Writing as a Christian, not as a Jew – If Seale really wanted to address international silence in the face of a campaign of genocide, he would address the militant Islamic aggression in Sudan that has murdered nearly 3.5 million black Christians in 13 years and not Israel defending itself from that same kind of militant Islamic aggression responsible for Sudan, East Timor, 9/11, the London Tube attacks, the Madrid train attacks, the Bali attacks, the Mumbai attacks , the Beslan mass murders, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and of Anwar Sadat, the Rushdie riots etc.

The suffering and poverty of Gaza Arabs are the consequence of the corruption of their own political and religious leadership.

Thank God there is one country in the Middle East protecting the human rights and religious freedom of Arab Christians ” “ and that is Israel.


James Jacob Prasch

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