Papal Attitude Toward God’s Chosen People

By James Jacob Prasch

In his youth Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict XVI, wore the swastika and the uniform of a Nazi and fought for Hitler and the Third Reich. This is beyond dispute. What is disputed is whether or not he did so willingly.

What is also beyond dispute is that he re-issued the ‘Criminale Solicitacciones’ instruction on behalf of his predecessor and fellow pedophile protector Carol Wojtyla, alias Pope John Paul II. He used political immunity as a foreign head of state (the Vatican) to escape litigation by victims of child molestation by Roman Catholic clergy when the Bush State Department under Condoleezza Rice petitioned the U.S. Justice Department and Judiciary to block the legal action against the pope. Unable to defend his liability legally, he simply did it by political and diplomatic means with the assistance of hypocritical politicians more concerned with political expediency than with justice for raped children.

In light the persistent anti Israel bias of the Vatican we are left to wonder if Ratzinger should not just dust off his old Nazi regalia. His predecessor cum mentor Wojtyla kissed the koran, a book stating ‘God has no Son’ just as George W. Bush who squashed the civil litigation against Ratzinger placed it in the White House to honor Islam after the September 11 attacks on America. Now Ratzinger seems to have forgotten that it was Moslem gangs who burned seven Roman Catholic churches in Gaza with the blessings of the Hamas government which were protected by the Israeli government when Israel still controlled Gaza.

Vatican policies are simple: pay homage to the Moslems who burn you out and curse the Jews who blessed you. When the Moslems under Hezbollah drove the Maronite Roman Catholics out of their ancestral homes in Lebanon, it was Israel who welcomed and absorbed them as refugees and gave them a home. The Vatican could not have cared less anymore than they scarcely lifted a finger over the extermination of 300,000 Roman Catholics by the Moslems in East Timor. From its crusades to its pogroms to its inquisitions to the concordat made with Hitler by the Bavarian bishops and the Zentrum Catholic party and its partnership with the Ustashi nazis, to the Vatican orchestrated rescue of Eichmann and the Nazi war criminals with its rat lines ““ the Roman Catholic church has never done anything except hate and murder Jews in genocidal proportions. Heir Ratzinger who now calls himself Benedict XVI has made certain that this ugly history remains in tact.

The Judeo Christian scriptures are clear that God chose Israel and the Jews through whom He gave His Word and sent the Messiah to bring salvation. Just as true regenerate Christians are a chosen and elect people by God’s grace, so are the Jews. According to the New Testament they remain such (Romans 11:1;28-29) despite the objections found in the bogus pseudo theology of Nigel Wright, Colin Chapman, Stephen Sizer and the Roman papacy. Ratzinger of course as heir not of Peter but of the pontifical emperors of pagan Rome, true to form and true to his Nazi past has acted accordingly.

Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros, a cleric chosen by Pope Benedict XVI to draft the conclusions of the synod on the Middle East, declared “there is no longer a Jewish chosen people,” resurrecting the ancient calumny that the Jews are damned for all time as cosmic exiles. Elias Chacour, the Vatican-approved Catholic Archbishop of Israel, said, “we do not believe anymore that the Jews are the Chosen People.”

On a tragic note we decry the plight of Coptic Christians at the hands of the Moslems in Egypt. In fact, there is a minority of Born Again Evangelicals within the Coptic church who do not adhere to the icon veneration of their clergy and who are sympathetic to Israel. Sadly, the senior head of the Coptic church Pope Shenouda III told anti Israel former president Jimmy Carter that the Jews are not God’s Chosen. Now his followers are facing a holocaust of their own. It is unfortunate that Pope Shenouda looks to his idolatrous icons instead of to the Word of God. Then he would understand his role in causing these terrible things to fall upon his followers in Egypt at the hands of the militant Islamic butchers and apparently the Egyptian army (Genesis 12:3).

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