Moslems Firebomb English Church During Islam Awareness Week

In the recent UK observances of Islamic Awareness Week, the church burnings that are normal Moslem behaviour in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere, came home to Great Britain. Islamic gangs hurled anti-white racist insults at an Anglican vicar in a parish church in Bradford, setting alight an automobile parked in front of it, and then attacked the church with the aim of burning it down.

We have warned for years that Islam is not a tolerant religion, and would do the very things in Britain and elsewhere in the West, to Christians and Jews, that they do in Islamic countries. The fact is that the British and American Governments willfully ignore the fact that the rights of Christians are guaranteed nowhere in the Islamic world and their basic human rights consistently violated. In no place does Islam accord to Christians and Jews the same rights they themselves demand in Judeo-Christian democracies. The British Government, of course, has not been honest with the country in confronting the militant Islamic threat or the reality of it.

This came after the violent assault by Moslem youth on a 70 year old veteran of the Normandy invasions – in Oldham, beating him within reach of his life for the crime of being a “white Christian” on “their territory”. The media and the Government and, stupidly, so much of the church refuses to recognise the reality of jihad and what it really means. The bombardment of the Australian cricket team on the field, with projectiles, by raging Islamic supporters of the Pakistan team is, to the militant Moslem mind, part of jihad. It is not mere sport. So too, the devotion of British Islamic youth to the now defeated boxer Prince Nazim, who was humiliated in the ring when he was finally obligated to fight a viable contender – was not mere sports – but a battle between Islam and the West.

While the Moslem community will insist it is not a suicide bomber religion, the reason they may make this claim is because it is not considered suicide, but martyrdom. The reason they may claim that Islam is not a terrorist religion, is simply because they do not regard it as terrorism, but as “holy war”. As stated in the lead article, hollow claims by the media and Western governments that such views are only representative of a small minority of Moslems is simply an intentional under-estimate of the social and political reality. Militant Islam is a cancer within Western society, requiring radical surgical intervention to remove.

The folly of British and American politicians, anxious to defend Islam as the opposite of what it appears to be is politically motivated nonsense. It is Moslems who defined Islam as a violent religion based on hatred and murder, so why should so-called Christians be the ones to redefine it as something more tolerant? If it is true that Islam is a tolerant religion, and it is only militant Moslems who have defined it as a terrorist religion, it should be for moderate Moslems to redefine it as something more civilised and less barbarian.

The question becomes, however, where are the truly moderate Moslems? We are repeatedly fed the lie by the media, and by the Western governments, that Yassir Arafat is a so-called moderate Moslem. In actual fact, on 28th August 2001, only two weeks prior to the Moslems murdering nearly 3,000 people in their jihad attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, Arafat’s Palestinian Authority radio station was broadcasting inflammatory sermons by militant Imams inciting Moslems to wage jihad against Great Britain and the USA. While the Western media stupidly portrays Arafat as a man of peace, translated transcripts of his Arabic speeches show him to be a man of war whilst simultaneously telling the English speaking world that he wants a peaceful solution. We can find no reason to disbelieve the charge of the Israeli Government that Arafat is anything less than a liar and a murderer.

The media bias, by CNN in particular, has been astounding in its reporting concerning Israel. We note that a Saudi prince and financier is a major investor in the Time Warner parent company of CNN. Moriel recommends that Christians subscribing to CNN notify CNN by e-mail that if this biased reporting does not stop, they will cancel their subscriptions; complaints to: [email protected].

Similar media bias, masquerading the magnitude of the militant Islamic threat within Britain and misrepresenting the total reality of the Islamic threat to which the Israelis, the Russians, the Serbs and others have been compelled to react is seemingly common policy at both the BBC and at Britain’s Channel 4. Moriel would encourage letters of complaint to both ITV and the BBC, not only on behalf of Israel, but now on behalf of Britain.

Moslems will quickly point out that Mohammed said that “there should be no coercion in matters of religion”. What they will not point out, however, is that he said this when the Moslems were a surrounded minority in Arabia and his tune rapidly changed once he gained the upper hand, ordering a total of 65 military campaigns to spread Islam with violence and treachery and personally leading 27 of them. They will also neglect to point out that Islamic scholars say that this teaching is either abrogated and only applied at that time, or today only applies at certain times, specifically when Moslems are again in a minority and cannot strategically win the jihad. To the Moslem, he may say he believes in peace when he believes in war because, according to their hadith, this is permissible lying because it is not seen as a lie, but rather as “military disinformation” in a jihad, which the Western media is stupidly more than happy to broadcast, and the White House and 10 Downing Street are more than happy to propagate.

We have warned on our website that September 11th was the beginning of God’s judgement on America and the West, as Lockerbie was the beginning of God’s judgement on Britain. The apostate positive-thinking guru, Robert Shuller, mentor of Bill Hybels, and prot ƒ ©g ƒ © of Norman Vincent Peel, hosted the grand mufti of Damascus at California’s Crystal Cathedral, stating he “wouldn’t mind if his grandchildren became Moslems”.

When the present Pope kissed the Koran, a book which says that God has no Son and the book of a religion that decrees the murder of any Moslem accepting Christ, it did not stop a host of backslidden evangelical Judas’s, led by Watergate criminal Chuck Colson, from singing the praises of the papacy, lauding the Pope, and concluding the Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) banning evangelisation of Roman Catholics, which was signed by Pat Robertson, Dr. Kent of the Church of the Nazarene, J. I. Packer, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and other formerly Bible-believing Christians, now prepared to accept another gospel, based on sacramental ritual and atoning for one’s own sin in purgatory as the means of salvation, plus the pagan idolatry of icon veneration, the necromancy of prayers to the dead, the cannibalism of transubstantiation and the Anti-Christ belief in the infallibility of a human being. The Word of God warns of those “who hold a different gospel” as the way of salvation (Galatians 1:8) and no matter what Colson and his friends say, as the former Catholics in the true Body of Christ today will testify, God says they are accursed. Even Billy Graham pays homage to this Pope, who called on the Catholics of Mexico to rise up against the Protestants.

Once Evangelical leaders compromised with one false religion, it was inevitable that they would compromise with another. Thus we see that J. I. Packer joined Colson and other former Bible-believers in endorsing Peter Kreeft’s book Ecumenical Jihad, calling for ecumenical union with Islam to morally redeem society; a book which also teaches that Mohammed is in heaven!

Paul Crouch appeared on his money preaching TBN television broadcast, holding up the Koran and asking his Moslem brothers to help him understand that book. On September 11th, his “Moslem brothers” did precisely that!

Moriel urges prayer for our leaders in both London and Washington, but urges its British readers to follow Paul’s example in appealing to Caesar. We urge our readers to write to the broadcasting networks, concerning biased news reporting with regard to Israel.

Please write to demand that Christians be given the same rights in Islamic countries that Moslem enjoy in Western countries to:
Custodian of the Two holy Shrines, His Majesty King Fahd bin Abdul Azzia al Saud, Royal Court, Riyahd, Saudi Arabia

Please write to demand the release of Christians from Turkish prisons and guarantee of Christian rights in accordance with the European Convention, along with a threat to boycott Turkey as a holiday destination and to write your MEP opposing Turkish admission to the EU, unless a radical change takes place concerning Christian rights in Turkey to: Turkish Ambassador, Mr Kormaz Haktamir, Turkish Embassy, 43 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8TA

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