Moriel Statement Concerning LA Times Article

by James Jacob Prasch

While the LA TIMES feature on the differences between Pastor Chuck Smith Sr. and his son’s church at Capo Beach, California were described by Chuck Smith Sr. as essentially accurate, there were clear aspects of the coverage that plainly were not and appear designed to amplify the personal split between father and son out of proportion, as their personal relationship is not averse in the manner the feature article describes, despite clear differences in theological emphasis and pastoral opinion.

The feature article also wrongly conveys the role of Jackie Alnor and her husband, journalism assistant professor Dr. Bill Alnor. Protest leafleting was never directed against Chuck Smith jr. but against a visiting speaker with aberrational views. ‚  The article additionally created the impression in the mind of some of the readers (including Chuck Smith Sr.) that the Alnors misrepresented themselves as spokespersons for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, although they did ‚  no t represent themselves in that way.The LA TIMES simply copied material from Jackie Alnor’s website (which is not a blog site, and which Chuck Smith Sr. again called a fair representation of the facts) and she was only speaking on her own behalf, not on behalf of any Calvary Chapel church.

Although Moriel has no issue with this newspaper’s recent coverage of the TBN scandals surrounding Paul Crouch, the LA Times has been less than accurate (and in our view less than fair) in its reporting about various Evangelical figures such as John Mac Arthur and David Hocking. Moriel regards this publication as having a biased journalistic agenda regarding not only biblical Evangelicals, but also on a host of other issues including its editorial policies concerning Israel, abortion, the homosexual & lesbian agenda, and creationism. In our view a disservice has been done by The LA TIMES both to Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and to Jackie & Bill Alnor.

In any event, Moriel & Jacob Prasch wish to reiterate their firm support for the position voiced by Pastor Chuck Smith concerning the disputed issues in question, and we again solidly endorse the position expressed by Pastor Smith in his pastoral circular ‘Parson to Person’ surrounding contemporary issues challenging biblical orthodoxy in the modern church. ‚   We cannot however sanction the manner in which THE LA TIMES handled this matter. Then again, given the past treatment of conservative Evangelicals in THE LA TIMES, frankly ” “ neither are we altogether surprised by it.

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