Moriel Philippines Latest Missions Report – June 2016

Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Last month we brought our young children at Iba Zambales to attend the Young Peoples Fellowship.

We needed to rent a Van because the small Jeep coulden’t accommodate these growing children. Kyla, Kintara, and Shane are first timer in attending the Fellowship.

Going home with joy and learned additional experience are appreciated blessings. Recently, we have conducted again the Moriel Give a Gift School bags and school supplies to complete the school needs of the dump children.

The children were so happy and their parents were glad and thankful. This encourage them to let their children come to School.

Moriel gifts are really a big help for them, it lessens the expenses of their family.

Thank you very much and to all our supporters for all the blessings.

We appreciate very much your generous heart.

May our Gracious God continue to bless you and the ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ptr. Paul

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