More of the Same Old Carnal Idiocy Coming Down the Same Old Pike?

(Please correct us if we are mistaken)

Moriel and Jacob Prasch indeed urge serious prayer, fasting, and intercession for Israel & The Jews at this perilous time as the return of Christ draws closer and the advent of the Antichrist draws closer still. What we oppose, however, are immorality, heresy, and lunacy and the Last Days deception these things too often engender. Such madness serves the interest of neither Israel or the church.

In response to the article below we would like to ask the following questions of the organisers:

  • After the Cranborne event, did this same Anthony Maples backslide into very serious sin of a moral and marital nature? Or was that some other Anthony Maples?
  • Is this the same God Channel of Wendy and Rory Alec that promoted the adulterer Todd Bentley (a convicted homosexual pedophile) who kicked old ladies in the stomach in Lakeland, Florida on YouTube before abandoning his handicapped wife and children and took off with another woman? And in the end married this woman? Is it the same God Channel who denounced those opposed to Bentley’s antics as being of the devil? Or is it a different God Channel?
  • Is this the same Reuven Doron who was partnered with Francis Frangipane in the USA, the same Frangipane who teaches, “Beware of true Doctrine” in a published article? Is it the same Reuven Doron who announced that the illness of his tragically deceased infant daughter was a vicarious suffering on behalf of others in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which Pastor Bill Randles has the recording of? Or is it another Reuven Doron?
  • Is this the same Mahesh Chavda with his wife Bonnie whom ‚   I have on an old video removing his shirt and running around at a church meeting shirtless yodeling like a mad coyote with rabies while swinging a sword over his head?
  • Is the same Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda who published the Wizard of Oz article in our possession claiming that God showed them that going to Toronto for the “blessing” was “following the Yellow Brick Road”, that the Holy Spirit was Toto the Dog, that the Lord was the Wizard of Oz, and those opposed to the failed revival/Toronto Deception as wicked witches? ‚   I want to ‚   be sure I am not slandering a brother – is this the same Mahesh Chavda or is there a different one?
  • Did the first Cranborne event actually end an unblessed failure with debt amounting to tens of thousands of pounds sterling? Or is this a fallacy?

I have ‚   Jewish family in Britain and in Israel including a son in the IDF and I, too, urge prayer for Israel. So I would hate to be unduly critical or unloving or guilty of spreading gossip or rumour. I really want to be sure I have my facts straight.

Can someone please help us to be sure we have our facts straight? We wouldn’t want to speak against anything or anyone truly of God.

Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

‘Be Not Silent’ was birthed in Charlotte, North Carolina at a conference held by Pastor Mahesh Chavda, in 1995. It was there that, Anthony Malpas, a businessman from the UK, heard a Messianic Jewish believer, Reuven Doron, speaking on The relationship between Israel and the Church. Anthony returned to the UK and, with a small group of believers in Dorset, began to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

This led to a meeting with another Jewish believer, Martin Berger, who represented Mahesh Chavda and Barry Segal in the UK. At this meeting the idea for a tent crusade in a cornfield in Dorset was planned, which led to the first ‘Be Not Silent’ meeting in a field near Cranborne, which was attended by about two thousand five hundred people. Speakers included Lance Lambert, Mahesh Chavda, Reuven Doron, Barry Segal, Al Kasha and David Damien. The worship was led by Barry and Batya Segal, and Batya wrote the theme song for the conference, “On Your Walls O Jerusalem.” There was salvation, healing, repentance for anti-Semitism and revelation about Israel at a very deep level, and above all a wonderful manifestation of the presence and the Glory of God.

Many left the Cranborne conference to set up prayer groups, fellowships and even churches that recognised God’s purposes and plans for Israel. Many of these groups still exist and for over ten years there has been much prayer for Israel that was generated at the conference. The whole event was televised by GodTV and it was shown widely in many countries around the world.

The Cranborne conference was a one off event, but now we believe that the time has come in these even more desperate days, for a new call to go out to the Church, especially in the UK, to bless Israel, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to prepare for the return of Jesus, Yeshua, to this world.

As a result ‘Be Not Silent’ is again calling believers to a field in Dorset to intercede for Israel and to bring teaching and understanding of Israel to believers in this country.

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