Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister ,

As a Christian supporter of Israel I must protest your reaction to the response of the Obama Administration, particularly Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and to George Mitchell.,   Why should an Israeli apologize for announcing the construction of 1,600 homes in Jerusalem anymore than an American politician should issue an apology of 1,600 homes in Washington D.C. or a British Prime Minister apologize for ,  constructing apartment blocks in London?

Even if my faith was not in the God of Israel and even if my convictions were not predicated on a belief in the Judeo-Christian scriptures, the archaeological record alone demonstrates categorically that the Jews are the indigenous people of Jerusalem and the West Bank. An indigenous people cannot by definition be called an occupying presence. A Jew cannot occupy Jerusalem or the West Bank any more than an Apache can occupy Arizona. I do not object to Euro-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Afro-Americans, or Asian Americans living in Arizona, but don’t tell me the indigenous Apache has no right to be there. Likewise, I have no objection to peaceable Arabs residing in Jerusalem or the West Bank, but do not tell me that a Jew is an alien occupier. A Jew cannot “occupy” biblical and historical Israel any more than a native Maori can occupy New Zealand or an Irishman occupy Dublin. An ethnic Palestinian state has never existed historically or geographically, and before 1967 West Bank Arabs said they were Jordanians. When did their DNA miraculously change to that of the ancient Palestinians cum Philistines of Gaza who were not Arab but Indo-European ?

From 1948 until 1967 the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza were in the hands of Arab Muslims, so why then did they not create a second “˜Palestinian Arab state (in addition to the demographic and geographical one already existing in Jordan) when they had nearly 20 years to do so? ‚   As the arch Nazi Gorbels said, “If a lie is repeated often enough people will believe it is the truth”. ‚  I tire of the constant rhetoric of liar after liar from Saudi pawn George Bush to Barak Obama to the popular media to left wing academics to the UN to certain so =-called “Christians” stating the myth of an occupation and an anthropologically distinct ‚  Palestinian Arab Muslim nation as if it were a fact, when history and common sense dictates otherwise. While I certainly see religious intolerance towards other Jews among the ultra-orthodox sects and political parties of Israel, I none-the-less thank God that at least one nation in the Middle East protects the religious freedom and human rights of Arab Christians that they are denied in Emirates and Saudi Arabia, to say nothing of the plight of Persian Christians in Iran or African Christians in Sudan. ‚   That one nation is Israel. Please stop apologizing ““ you are not the aggressor’ jihadist Islam is.

Obama’s church preached “God damn America” and featured the racist anti-Semite Islamic Louis Farakkan (who literally claims to ride in flying saucers) in its pulpit. It is a so-called “church” to which Obama contributed $500 weekly for years. It is also Obama who pressed the courts to rule against the families of 9-11 victims in favor of the Saudi princes who funded Al Qaeda. What we witness now is no surprise.

I hope that the 78% of American Jews who stupidly voted for Barak HUSSEIN Obama will see the folly of their naivete. When Clinton needed the liberal New York Jewish vote to be elected to the Senate she sang one tune; now she sings another. ‚   Fortunately Obama is already a self-made political failure who has proven that he is not a president but a mere two-faced politician, that he cannot govern but only campaign, and cannot lead but only lie with the assistance of a teleprompter (providing the text has no non-phonetic words like “corpsman”). Obama ‚  is a lame duck who will likely be fired from office as a pathetic loser like Jimmy Carter and leave the White House with no legacy like the Saudi oil whore George Bush who celebrated Ramadan and placed a Koran in the White House to honor Islam after ‚   America was attacked on September 11th. Wicked hypocrites like Clinton, Obama, and Bush do not even love their own country, so it is little wonder that they will quickly betray yours.

I believe the words of the Torah in Genesis 12:1-3 and I believe your prophet Obadiah verse 15. I love America and my own prayer, sir, is that God’s judgment will fall quickly on the Obama administration instead of falling on America because of them. ‚   This is not about apartment construction or peace talks, it is about Obama and Clinton showing their true colors and about worthless politicians placating Islamists who hate Jew and Christian alike.

I also believe the words of the Jewish Rabbi, Rav Yeshua Ben Yosef ‚   Ha Notzri (better known as ‚  Jesus) that the Jewish people would return to the Jerusalem that God gave them ““ Matthew 23: 38-39, Luke 21:24, Zechariah 12:1-10. ‚   The Judeo-Christian constitutes God’s word, not the Koran. ‚   Please stop apologizing. If God needed anyone to apologize for Him He would not be God.

James Jacob Prasch (Rev) ‚  

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