John Paul II: A Hypocrite and a Coward

John Paul II is the pope who denounced Born Again Christians as ‘rapacious wolves’ and called upon the Catholics of Mexico ‘to rise up against the Protestants’ in a country where church burning is not common.

John Paul II is the pope who instructed the German Bishops to lobby the German government to recognize Croatia in a throwback to the holocaust when the Ustashi Nazis killed 750,000 Serbs with the active participation of the Roman Catholic Church and their leader Arch Bishop Stepinac. And it was John Paul II who visited the troubled former Yugoslavia and paid tribute to this Nazi war criminal.

It was John Paul II who during the Ambrosiano bank scandal that saw the Vatican pay hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation in a trail of blood leaving nearly two hundred murdered in the Calvi affair that refused to hand Vatican Bank president Bishop Paul Marcinkus over to the Italian authorities.

It was John Paul II who kissed the Koran, a book saying that “God has no Son”, and was John Paul II who called the Dali Lama, a man who says there is no creator but allows himself to be worshipped as a reincarnated Bhudda, a “great spiritual leader”.

Now, in the midst of the greatest scandal to beset this apostate and morally corrupt institution church in modern times it is easy to see why John Paul II skirted from Canada over the USA to Central America.

Not only did Roman Catholic Arch Bishops and Cardinals from Green Bay to Boston to Los Angeles cover up the widespread paedophilia of its corrupt clergy, but protected its sex perverts in cassocks and habits allowing them to continue to destroy the lives of children. Worse still, under John Paul II, the Vatican was aware of this outrage since 1982 and did nothing.

This old deceiver avoided touching down in the USA because he cannot face the music without singing the blues. American Catholics, na ƒ ¯ve and biblically ignorant as they are, needed to hear from their leader when they are in a crises but he boarded a plane and by-passed them to avoid facing the press and the victims. In Canada, he scarcely addressed the issue as Rome continues to propagate the obvious lie that it is a matter of isolated instances, when in fact it is far more widespread among Catholics than among any other major religious group. Indeed , the rate of HIV infection alone is more than four times higher among the sex pervert Roman Catholic priests than the national average, and the lesbian abuses of children by lesbian nuns are only barely surfacing.

We have in fact seen little more than the tip of the ice berg of the scandal not only of priests and nuns sexually violating little children, but the church covering it up and playing fast and loose with the law in the process. This trend extends from Ireland and the UK, through the USA and into Australia but is perhaps no place bigger than in Africa. And the crimes go well beyond sex crimes perpetrated against children. A Belgian court sentenced Dominican nuns for their role in open genocide in the HUTU/Tootsie conflict in Berundi.

Under John Paul II, the same church that organized the infamous “Rat Route” to protect Nazi War criminals from justice, and protected gangsters during the Calvi affair, now protects child raping priests and child molesting nuns, while Chuck Colson and other latter-day Judases pay him homage.

In his “Inferno” of the Divine Comedy, Dante placed popes in the deepest crevices of hell. Looking at John Paul II, it is easy to see why.

James Jacob Prasch

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