Jacob Prasch and Revelation TV

It is with sad regrets that Jacob Prasch has had to terminate, by mutual agreement, his appearances on Revelation TV. He cannot in good conscience be broadcast on the same channel as the heretical money preacher Jesse Duplantis whom he regards as a hype artist and a false teacher. Giving a platform to such a figure who discredits the Body of Christ in the eyes of the fallen world, deceives undiscerning and doctrinally ignorant Christians, and denigrates the reputation of Revelation TV. Duplantis damages the plausibility of the Gospel in the eyes of the unsaved by making salvation look like financial con artistry and brings public shame to the name of Jesus. These are repercussions that serve the interest of no one except Satan.

The long litany of Duplantis’ hideous antics can be read or viewed on the internet including his claims that “he is not tempted,” that he “went up to heaven and brought down new revelation,” and that “the power of life and death are not with God but with our own tongue.” These claims are absurd and render Revelation TV’s position that “many godly people appreciate and benefit from Mr Duplantis’ ministry” too ludicrous an assertion to merit serious consideration. No truly godly Christian relishes in deception and apostate dogma that is at open odds with God’s Word. Duplantis is a protege of Kenneth Copeland who teaches that Satan, not Jesus, won the victory on the cross.

Not least of all we must take exception to Duplantis’ statement recorded on the Internet that after God told someone to give him $10,000 two weeks earlier Duplantis demanded his money with interest because “his God is a Jew.” Such anti Semitic stereotyping smacks of anti Jewish bigotry to the ears of the Jewish community.

It remains our conviction that this heterodox programming is inspired by Satan to destroy the mandate God gave to Howard Condor to establish a Christ centered and doctrinally solid Christian TV station as an alternative to the apostate Mammon-worshipping hypocrisy of most of so-called ‘Christian TV.’

I will always appreciate Howard Condor personally and admire his support for Israel, and I most assuredly intend him no hostility. But I cannot in good conscience before the Lord, and as one accountable to my own board, be associated with things I can only define as the working of Satan. Giving a voice to devil in this manner injures the cause of Christ and dishonors His Holy Name and will, in the longer term, prove detrimental to Revelation TV by compelling God’s hand to be removed from it.

I write not from any anger (except for that which is directed against Satan), but rather with a great deal of painful disappointment. Jesus does not want me to be party to such evil. I would also note that while I hold absolutely no ill regard for Roman Catholic people or for Seventh Day Adventists at all, I am not in theological agreement with those institutions and I do not wish to be identified with any promulgation of such belief systems. My faith is in Jesus on the basis of the Judeo-Christian scriptures alone, and I advocate no other faith although I hold no personal animosity to those with whom ‚   I disagree.

J. Jacob Prasch


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