Is Satan Bound Today?

If Satan is bound I would like to know who keeps letting him go.

The notion of his being bound is post millenial absurdity that is both unbiblical and illogical.

Rev. 20 ‚  speaks to the uture Millenial Reign of The Messiah.

The Holy Spirit restrains Satan’s capacity to thwart the gospel and will do so until The Holy Spirit is taken from convicting the woirld at which point the Man of Lawlessness will be revealed in 2 Thess. 2 etc. But Post Millenialism is a lot of ridiculous nonsense usually pumped out by hyper Calvinist reconstructionist and hyper charismatic ‘Dominion Theology’ lunatics subscribing to a false doctrinal position called ‘Theonomy’ and an over realised eschatology.Theonomic reconstructionism is an error that derives from another error called ‘covenant theology’. Ignore that stuff. It isn’t scriptural.

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch

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