Hillsong Embraces ‘Chrislam’


When prime time Australia TV broadcasted an exposure of the financial ethics (or lack thereof) of HILLSONG, no one should have been surprised.

The ugly public history of disgraceful sex scandal such as the homosexual paedophilia of Frank Houston, Hillsong’s patriarch, or the sex scandal of HILLSONG’s second in command, motivational speaker Pat Mesiti, no one likewise should have been at all surprised. When Bobby Houston’s disgusting series “Christian Women Love Sex” became a mainstay among teenage girls (as young as 13 to 14) it did exactly as the world does in its perverted philosophy of sexuality: replace the person with the act. Scripturally, Christian women love The Lord, love their husbands, and love babies. Sex is the God given means to express, promulgate, and celebrate that love, but the focus of the love is the person, not the act. Hillsong, like Hollywood and the world shifts the focus away from the person as the object of the love to the means.

Indeed, when asked for his position concerning homosexuality, lesbianism and same sex marriage, the worthless hireling HILLSONG pastor in New York declined to take a stand or even effectively comment.

Such ethical and moral bankruptcy and the history of public scandal that goes with it that has come to define HILLSONG has never been anything more than the spiritual and doctrinal bankruptcy that defines it. When the paedophile shielding Pope John Paul II came to Sydney, Hillsong”s” Darlene Zschech exclaimed it was an opportunity to serve The Roman Catholic Church.

Now Brian Houston has put his seal of approval on Chrislam, misidentifying the ancient Nabataean moon god Allah with the God if Christians and Jews because as a generic term it means ” god” in Arabic even though as a proper name it does not. The theological convolution of Hillsong should be expected. It is an entertainment enterprise masquerading as Christianity that replaces anointing with hype, worship with entertainment, and exposition of scripture with motivational speaking. Like nearly all of modern Western Assemblies of God Pentecostalism (from which Hillsong stems) it is an environment where authentic spirituality is counterfeited by mysticism with the aim if the spiritual seduction of the youth.

No one should be surprised at any error or scandal emanating from Hillsong. It is spiritually & theologically capable of producing nothing else.

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