Heretical Swindler Yongee Cho Convicted of Financial Corruption in Korean Court

For years following publication of his demonic book “The Fourth Dimension” Moriel has warned of David Yongee Cho , the Korean pastor who combines Kenneth Copeland style word-faith heresy with Oriental Shammanism and occult visualization techniques claiming “Buddhists and Hindus have known his formula for centuries but now Jesus Christ has revealed it to him”. Cho’s ‘formula’ is the bogus notion of Eastern mysticism that the human imagination is one’s spirit. His corrupted pseudo theology was a combination of “blab it and grab it” of the money preaching tele-evangelists, gnosticism, and Shammanism.

Many ignorant and un-discerning people in the West were impressed by Cho due to the size of his church when in fact anyone who has spent much time in Hong Kong or Macau realizes that there are far larger visualization cults in Asia than his.

Cho received a three year custodial sentence but the jail time was suspended (allegedly under social and political pressure) while his son will be imprisoned in the $21 million scam that illegally overpriced stock and sold it to the church, defrauding the congregation Cho pastored, in order to recover personal losses from another equities deal.

No one should be surprised. Most heretical preachers are swindlers and always have been.

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