Former ACLU President Arrested for Child Pornography

When an Evangelical preacher (whom Moriel and various other ministries distrusted and warned against) was found involved with male homosexual prostitutes and the illegal dangerous drug crystal meth, the mainstream media with its anti-Christian bias had a field day. We at Moriel ‚  had no admiration for Haggert and cautioned people of his involvement with C. Peter Wagner’s shenanigans even prior to his being exposed. When Haggert himself was warned by two discernment ministries in partnership with us, he was advised by James Dobson to ignore them and cease correspondence. ‚  Then Dobson was the first to bail out on Haggert. Haggert indeed brought public disgrace to the name and cause of Christ, adding his name to a long list of other theocrats and televangelists who have done the same.

However, ‚  now that Charles Rust Tierney, former President of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU ‚   has been arrested with computer images of under-age children being violently raped, the NY Times, NBC, CBS, CNN, the LA Times et al do not even report it. Tierney’s wife is an activist in the movement to abolish capital punishment and Tierney, with the proximity to Washington and the Supreme Court of his chapter, was one of the most important figures in the ACLU – ‚  the organization that defended Illinois Nazis in Chicago, and is presently arguing for the rights of child pornographers and of a religious cult to interrupt the funerals of American military personal killed in Iraq while decrying scientific arguments for intelligent design and voluntary school prayer as un-American.

There is no justice in the media or in the ACLU, but how can we Christians really complain when neither does their appear to be any in the contemporary church?

James Jacob Prasch

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