False Prophet Rick Joyner & Todd Bentley’s Adulterous Re-Marriage

Todd Bentley, the criminally convicted homosexual pedophile turned drunken heretic and adulterer who kicked old ladies in the face and stomach on YouTube at the failed Lakeland, Florida counterfeit revival has entered into a biblically adulterous re- marriage while under a “process of restoration” led by biblically proven false prophet Rick Joyner.

Bentley was ring master at a debacle of lunacy and false healing debunked on national TV orchestrated by the infamous Strader family, whom the District Attorney implicated in financial scandals defrauding elderly Christians of millions of dollars. While the Florida District Attorney publicly names Pastor Steve Strader as complicit in the swindling, his brother was sent to prison for over 30 years as a professional gangster under American anti racketeering RICO statutes.

Despite its unbiblical doctrines and practices, Wendy Alec of the so-called “God Channel” denounced opponents of the madness and heresy as being of Satan. Lunatic fringe figures such John Arnett, Rick Joyner, Che An, Bill Johnson, and C. Peter Wagner decided this fiasco was a revival in the character of the similarly failed counterfeit revivals in Toronto and Pensacola.

Led by Wagner, Johnson, and Joyner they prophetically predicted tremendous blessing over Bentley on television and YouTube as a leader of a great, coming revival. Instead, almost immediately afterward Bentley abandoned his wife and children and took off with a woman whom he has just married while under a process of “restoration” by Rick Joyner, who is demonstrably notorious for his failed false prophetic predictions. Indeed, such men are the very manner of demonstrable false prophets Jesus warned that Satan would send in the Last Days with the aim of deceiving the elect.

As with the carnal and demonically inspired hoaxes of Toronto and Pensacola which it attempted to clone, Lakeland was denounced by biblical Charismatics and Pentecostal moderates. As with other fellow biblical Pentecostals and Charismatics, Moriel maintains that biblical “Charismata” is a good thing, but “charismania” is bad.

According to God’s Word, there can of course be no true restoration without repentance (not that God’s Word appears to mean anything to proven false prophets). Yet while supposedly under the restoration of Joyner, Bentley has now entered an unscriptural marriage which Jesus condemned as adultery. Joyner’s “restoration” of Bentley continues. Predictably, the reaction of Rick Joyner and his spiritually perverted, twisted ilk has not been biblical. But what is to be expected from those Jesus warned us against?

As the restoration has plainly not restored Bentley to a repentant relationship with Christ, or to a godly marriage and family with his biblically proper wife and children, what exactly has Joyner, Johnson, and Wagner “restored” this kicker of elderly ladies in the face to? ‚   A “life of adultery in the eyes of Christ”? If this is their idea of “restoration” where there is no repentance but a worsening of the moral condition, we must wonder why Joyner and Wagner simply do not go all the way and restore Bentley’s homosexual pedophilia as when Bentley was sent to prison for molesting a seven year old little boy?

We witnessed this same manner of phony “restoration” with Bentley’s hero, the heretical Branhamite homosexual alcoholic false prophet Paul Cain of Mike Bickel’s Kansas City False Prophets. When someone will not repent and refuses biblical restoration on God’s declared terms, the biblical response is dis-fellowship as commanded by God’s Word in 1 Corinthians 5. But this has not been the response of Joyner and his accomplices.

But in an age of End Times apostasy and grand scale backsliding, God’s standards no longer apply. It is as if they in effect believe, “Who needs Jesus Christ when you can have Todd Bentley, Steven Strader, C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Wendy and Rory Alec, Che An, and Bill Johnson?” In effect they behave as if “who needs the Word of God when we have the God Channel to tell us what to believe”?

None of us, including myself, are without our flaws and weaknesses. We all have matters in our lives Christ is trying to correct. But to live in a marriage relationship that God sees as whoredom, to put a benediction on heresy, to allow a man who abandons his wife and children to be regarded as a brother when Scripture says he is but a “so-called brother” (1 Corinthians 5:11) commanding he be avoided unless and until he truly repents – and to call this “restoration” is fundamentally deranged. It indicts Joyner, Wagner, Alec, Arnett and Johnson as being no better than Bentley or the Straders.

In Greek the Holy Spirit is called by Jesus “Pneuma Alethea” ‚  ““ “the Spirit of Truth” in John’s Gospel, not the spirit of error. It matters not how much false doctrine and contra-biblical idiocy Todd Bentley promulgates with the enthusiastic blessings of Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, John Arnett, Bill Johnson, and Rory and Wendy Alec.

The Holy Spirit in Hebrew is called “Ha Ruach Ha Kodesh” ‚  ““ literally, “the Spirit of Holiness”. Without moral living there is no true power or presence of the Holy Spirit.

Jacob Prasch

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