Facts Demonstrate a Journalistic Bias by Reuters

As a Christian activist on behalf of the unspeakable persecution of Christians in Islamic countries (whose plight are nearly ignored by Reuters) I took exception to your misrepresentation of the facts concerning the Israeli construction of a wall on across a few acres of land some distance from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to prevent Moslems declaring Rachel”s tomb a mosque and closing it to Christian and Jewish pilgrims.

The misrepresentation of the facts demonstrate a journalistic bias by Reuters. Reuters was once fair and balanced wire service that maintained a standard of journalistic integrity.

Noticing a $631 million loss by Reuters, a 14 year low in share price, 3,000 job cuts, and a 90% drop in market capitalization , it is good to see there is by divine providence at least some justice in Reuters ; specifically ” “ its demise.

May the independent Internet news sources continue to drive biased media manipulators like Reuters out of business.

While I hate to see ordinary working people with no say in the biased news management policies characterising Reuters lose their jobs and livelihood, I would like to see Reuters either clean up its act or drop dead in the market place. The sooner the better.


JJ Prasch

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