Encounter with Vicky Dillen

Moriel recently received the following email:

Brother Jacob,

I have recently had a very rude and unexpected introduction to Vicky Dillen’s blog. In my 38 years of being in the Lord, I have rarely encountered such a blatant “root of bitterness” in my spiritual life, and that’s saying something considering my life experiences. After a series of unintended unpleasant exchanges, I managed to earn a sort of “red badge of courage” and was banned from further participation for a season. Somehow, I think I’ll get over the disappointment. An unteachable teacher is quite unseemly, and before I look at anyone else in this regard, I must first look at myself, endeavoring to take Paul’s admonition to Timothy to heart, “Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching.” Their website states, “People are free to believe what they want.” What they fail to state [is] that it only applies as long as you are in agreement with them.

Afterward I decided to do some research on Sister Dillen and her ilk and found that you also have an unpleasant history with this individual and associates. My wife and I are also Jewish believers and I do some freelance writing. Contrary to their skewed self-imposed perception and prejudice, probably about 95% of what I write about has little or nothing to do with issues related to Jewishness. It was very apparent to me that I was dealing with someone with a real axe to grind with not only anything that smacked of Jewishness, but anything outside of their blind version of New Testament legalism. If ever there was an authenitc example of modern-day Pharisees, I believe I may have just stumbled upon them. Moreover, even beyond all the knowledge and intelligence on the surface, there appears to be a few screws loose. In fact, in my opinion, it smacks of cultishness.

The incredible “rush to judgment” taking the form of immediate labeling, name-calling, misquoting, selective phrases taken out of context, reading things into your statements that were never expressed, mischaracterization, heavily laced with fleshly malice was beyond spiritual reason, much less human reason. They try to intimidate you with pseudo-theological arguments and when you challenge them and don’t fold immediately, they attack your character, and then take the cowardly action of pulling the plug on you, judging that you are incorrigable and essentially give you over to a reprobate mind in hopes that you’ll come around to their way of thinking before it’s too late. However, it is my intention to “shake the dust off my feet” and utilize the outlets already opened to me by the goodness and grace of the Lord.

I have said all this just to confirm from your experience with Vicky Dillen and her associates if I have discerned these people accurately. It is my intention to “shake the dust off my feet” and utilize the outlets already opened to me. Because time is so short and precious I prefer to invest in more fruitful endeavors and have no intention of dwelling on this misrepresentation of the Spirit of Messiah.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.

Blessing upon you and your ministry.

Jacob’s Response:

Thank you for your email and greetings in Messiah.

Victoria Dillen is in a small cyber-cult of people holding Ruckmanite beliefs (believing that the 1611 edition of the King James Bible is more authoratative than the Hebrew and Greek originals). She is associated with someone called Barb Aho and her husband and two silly old women called Howard and Buester in Australia. They also have some connection with an ignorant crank in New Zealand named Tom Lamb and two individuals in Tenessee named Flanders and Engstrom who, among other things, defend Christian Cannabis smoking. Some of these sad people also are inclined towards the white superemacist anti-Semitioc Identity Movement and British Israelism.

Except for Tom Lamb (whom I regard as a well-intentioned clown) I have met none of these people. I was advised that I once met Mr. Lamb in New Zealand, but I do not recollect him as I meet many people. But I have not met Dillen.

Those whom I know who do know Dillen consider her to be a vicious liar, a vehement Jew-hater, and somewhat deranged.

Essentially, these people ‚  “” especially Dillen and Aho “” are delusional , lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists very much akin to a crazy man called Texxe Marrs and ‚   Ted Pike . They embellish odd bits of information without corroboration and conjecture fanciful scenarios they treat as fact which they confuse with biblical discernment. Anyone not agreeing is regarded as part of the conspiracy which, of course to their twisted minds, is a Jewish conspiracy.

There are other religious nuts like this such as Alan Morrison and Tal Brooke, but they usually turn on and devour each other.

Apart from an unscrupulous propensity for dishonesty, the most central attributes of Dillen and her ilk are anti Jewish prejudice and ignorance. They swallow the pseudo-academic bogus scholarship of charlatans like Gail Riplinger. These pathetic souls themselves cxannot even read Greek or Hebrew yet misrtepresent themselves as having linguistic and manuscript and codex proficiency far above their obviouslly low levels of intelligence and education. (I do not demean their lack of aptitude or education but rather the charlatanism of pretending an expertise when there is in fact none).. They pontificate strongly on matters well out of their depth and would be laughed out of any academic forum or symposium.

The more serious King James propenents such as the Trinitarian Bible Society will have nothing to do with these frauds. They also attack other discernment ministries such as Dave Hunt, etc.

In the unfortunate case of Dillen you are clearly dealing with an ignorant and demonically deluded woman who will engage in unfounded campaigns of slander, lies, and defamation. She is completely unprincipled. To be perfectly honest, given the driven and paranoic nature of her ramblings some people suspect you may also be dealing with mental illness as well as a mere malicious wickedness.

In Yeshua,

Jacob Prasch

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