Cult Leader Fred Phelps Dead

March 22, 2014  
Jams Jacob Prasch  

It was sickos like Fred Phelps preaching a mixture of half-truths and blatant lies that gave the world the ammunition to stereotype all sincere Christians who believe God’s Word and trust in Jesus, His death, His Resurrection, and the certain promise of His return.

Ezekiel for instance states that The Lord takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but prefers they would have repented.

Phelps was a spiritually deranged and scripturally ignorant religious kook who was drunk on self-righteous pride and did far more harm to the cause of the true Christ than he did good. God hates homosexuality but He does not hate homosexuals as Phelps proclaimed. He desires to set them free from that perversion before it is too late for them to believe the way of salvation in Jesus just as He set me free from my own Godless life of fornication and drug abuse.

What that sick freak Phelps and his cult said to the poor families who tragically lost children murdered by that demonized son of the devil in Sandy Hook and his picketing of the funerals of soldiers killed in Afghanistan outside of the requiem services as bereaved families carried the coffins to the cemetery is a reprehensible level of anti-Christian behaviour that ranges beyond lunacy and is something worse than disgusting.

No less twisted and evil were the contemptible efforts by the ACLU to legally defend Phelps’ “right” to defile these military funerals and emotionally torment the mourning families against injunctions by the next of kin of the soldiers and marines killed in action who only wanted to bury the remains their sons, bothers, fathers, and husbands in dignity without harassment from a hate filled pseudo Christian charlatan and his reprehensible cult. His Westboro Baptist sect was in no sense anything any Baptist church would endorse or that any Baptist preacher or theologians would sanction. Phelps’ cult is a vicious brood of diabolical wolves composed mainly of his debaucherous family who are motivated only by a Christless hatred and driven by their convoluted version of so called theology that is not theology at all, but is rather a doctrinally perverted diatribe that is fundamentally alien to the Judeo Christin ethos and at diametric odds with the true teaching of Jesus, His apostles, and the Hebrew Prophets.

I find it impossible not to believe the Phelps’ clan are anything other than demonically controlled psychos. He was just a bad man.

What the ACLU did to defend these pseudo Christian hooligans moreover legally acting against the families of the soldiers and marines killed in combat is the lowest thing that morally debased organization has done since it mounted a legal defence of the Illinois Nazis and makes them as bad as the Phelps’ cult whom they defended.

If it didn’t reduce me to his level and reflect badly on my own Judeo Christian faith I would dance on Phelps’ grave.

I will however gladly dance on the grave of the ACLU who defends such hate fuelled wickedness as a so called “right” any day.

The Westboro Baptist cult of Fred Phelps is a convoluted misrepresentation of the Gospel message distorting the actual message of Jesus.

The ACLU who defended Phelps & his cult is a convoluted misrepresentation of the US Constitution distorting the actual meaning of Freedom.

There is nothing authentically scriptural nor Christian in the distorted Phelps definition of Christianity. And there is nothing authentically American, nor Civil, nor Libertarian in the distorted ACLU definition of America, Civility, or Liberty.


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