CIA Report On Israel’s Precarious Future

by James Jacob Prasch

A number of people have contacted us regarding the “leaked” Frank Lamb report on Israel’s future being precarious due to the demographic implications of Jewish emmigration and Arab Moslem birth rates etc. The findings are to some degree supported by outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

We must understand that leaks in the world of intelligence ‘leaks’ are more often intentional than unintentional and intelligence reports are sculptured to promote a political agenda. Essentially, this report is sculptured because it overstates Jewish emmigration, and understates growing immigration from Russia, Ukraine, France, and South Africa, in response to growing anti-Semitism and the Islamization of large sectors of Europe.

The report describes the scenario as a drifting away from a one state solution. This leaking is designed by the Obama administration and the Olmert government to press for support to a two state division of biblical Israel to placate Islam by exploiting the demographic fear of Jews becoming a minority in their own country unless the land is divided with Islam.
It is the usual Islam boot licking by the pro Arab US State Department (due to the influences of oil and corrupt banking lobbies) and the idiocy of the Israeli left. The demography of Arab birth rates are not secret or unknown and were hardly secret information. It is staged in pursuit of the Obama/Clinton political agenda at the prospect of a Netanyahu government assuming power in Israel.

Neither the crooked US State Department nor Obama grasp or believe what The Word of God states on the issue.
So who cares about the words of hypocrites, incompetents and liars? There will be a false peace in The Middle East brokered by the anti christ but ultimately Yeshua will reign from Jerusalem as King Messiah.

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