Chuck Colson

In John’s Gospel Jesus spoke of those who persecuted Jewish believers but who thought they were serving God while doing evil (John 16:2 -3). These however were those who so acted because they did not know Jesus or His Father; Chuck Colson however was a man who did evil and claimed to know Jesus and to be “Born Again,” the title of his book detailing his testimony of claimed regeneration.

Colson was the lead author of the” Evangelicals and Catholics Together” (ECT) agreement signed by Pat Robertson,Calvinistic author JI Packer, John Kent of The Church of the Nazarene, and the late Bill Bright. The document accepted Catholicism as scripturally Christian without reference to the fact that while the true gospel teaches that the blood of Christ cleanses from all sin, in Roman Catholicism one atones for their own sin in purgatory and salvation is ‚  not by a second birth regeneration but by ‘ex oper operato’ sacramental rituals.

The idolatry of graven images and worshiping bread and wine as a transubstantiated reincarnation of Jesus Christ when Jesus warned to reject any that says He has returned physically before the parousia meant nothing to Colson. Killing Jesus again in the mass and eating Him in an act of ‚  religious cannibalism didn’t matter to him. ‚  The false Christ of the Eucharist, the necromancy of prayers to the dead, and the vampire consumption of blood condemned by the apostles in the book of Acts chapter 15 were of no more consequence to Colson than was Rome’s false gospel. He just did not care. The Word of God meant nothing to Chuck Colson. His actions were in open defiance of it. If it did mean anything to him he would not have likely received the Templeton prize for religion. Neither would he have turned his prison ministry over to a Roman Catholic.

It was Colson whom Satan ordained to persuade Evangelicals to refrain from ‚  evangelizing Roman ‚  Catholics. As one with a Roman Catholic mother on her way to eternal hell trusting in scapulars and the traditions of men instead of in the true gospel of Jesus for her salvation, I loathe the legacy of this deceiver who was misled by the devil and inspired by Satan to mislead others. There have been few agents of hell more destructive to the cause of Christ than Chuck Colson. Roman Catholics need salvation and should be given the true Gospel. I suggest those foolishly supportive of Colson ask former Catholics who have been saved.

Although a convicted criminal sent to prison for political corruption, Colson was an activist who tried to identify the Republican Party with Evangelical Christianity in his radio messages. Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood divorce and remarriage, Nancy Reagan’s advice to her husband acquired from the fortune tellers such as Jean Dixon she consulted, and George Bush placing a Koran which states that God has no Son, ( a mark of antichrist according to 1 John) in the White House were irrelevant to Colson. That Eisenhower’s Earl Warren Republican Supreme Court ordered God out of the class room, that Nixon’s Warren Berger Republican Supreme Court ordered God out of the maternity ward with Roe v Wade, and that Reagan’s pro-abortion Supreme Court appointee Sandra Day O’Connor ordered God and the 10 Commandments out of the court room and judicial building and her writing the decision based on foreign precedent to outlaw the Texas anti sodomy law opening the door for the national surge to same sex marriage all evaded Colson’s criticism. To Colson religion was about politics. He had been a liar for a corrupt Nixon White House who was transformed into a liar for a corrupt pedophile protecting Vatican.

Colson also cover endorsed the book ECUMENICAL JIHAD authored by ex- Evangelical Peter Kreeft that urges ‚  ecumenical union with Islam to morally ‚  redeem society. Colson had an anti christ spirit and he served Satan powerfully. We shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ and it is not for me to judge Chuck Colon. It is however for all of us to judge his doctrines and his ventures on the basis of God’s Word. In doing so, it is evident that the deeds and doctrines of Chuck Colson emanated straight from the pit of ‚  hell.

Without doubt there will be a chorus of ignorant religious cranks taking offense at these remarks concerning Chuck Colson oblivious to the factual reality that everything I have written concerning Mr. Colson is irrefutably true. My only response to their silly religious rhetoric is to deal with the established facts or don’t deal.

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