Barack Hussein Obama & Jeremiah Wright

I write as director of a Christian Charity for AIDS children and HIV babies in Black Africa operated by our self-giving missionaries. These are some of the finest people I have ever met. They are nearly all White, and much of the funding comes from White people in America; the same people denounced from the pulpit in Barack Obama’s church. The children whose lives these missionaries fight to save are all Black.

Arkansas Senator William Fulbright was the political mentor of Bill Clinton. Fulbright was a segregationist. Clinton came from a racist political machine. Democratic Senator Bird was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the days of Jim Crow.

Now, it is a new political and social world and consequently a new electoral landscape. Iowa, which had the first primary caucus, is a state with no Black vote. Iowa is demographically more than 96% Caucasian. The remaining less than 4% are Native American, Hispanic, and a very small number of African and Asian Americans. Yet, Obama won this primary defeating his two fellow Caucasian opponent candidates, Clinton and Edwards – because more White people voted for him than for his two White rivals. It would be similar in Vermont, Wyoming and other nearly “all white” states. Such White heartland states are the epitome of the “White America” damned by Jeremiah Wright in Obama’s church.

These electoral results confirm that white racism is no longer a major factor in American politics or society and every credible study indicates solidly that anti-Black sentiment is higher among Hispanic and Asian Americans than among Euro-Americans.

Indeed, African Americans are no longer demographically even America’s largest minority but now statistically Hispanics are, and figures indicate that clearly Asian Americans are the most upwardly mobile economically. This is to say nothing of Black racism against non-Blacks. While so many White Americans have no qualms about voting for a Black candidate, why do polls show so many Blacks voting squarely on the basis of skin color? White America has for the most part embraced Martin Luther King’s vision of an America where people should not be judged by skin color. Black America apparently has a long way to go.

The popularity of Obama among so many White Democrats (and even some Republicans) plainly shows that Jeremiah Wright, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. are living in a world that does not even exist anymore. Indeed, they must. They carved their niche by pounding on the drum of Black victimization by a White establishment that they must continue to pound even though the beat has become politically and sociologically redundant and their rhetoric obsolete in an America where there have been two consecutive African American Secretaries of State and an African American with a Moslem father who in elections can defeat Caucasian rival candidates in all White states.

For pathetic figures like Wright and Sharpton, it is their power base they are defending, and not Black America. Obama’s rise proves categorically that America has moved on. Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk clearly have not.

As director of a Christian organization that operates orphanages for Black African AIDS babies and HIV children, I find Jeremiah Wright’s outrageous racially connotated pulpit declarations of “God Damn America” and “America ruled by rich White people” to reflect his ignorance even more than it does his obvious bigotry. I would invite him to accompany me to Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, or any of a dozen other Black African countries ruled by Blacks if he wants to see real oppression of Blacks. He would be hard pressed to find a Zimbabwean or a Haitian that would not do anything to live in the America that this ignorant racist Jeremiah Wright damns in what is suppose to be a church.

Black ruled post-Colonial Africa is the largely self-inflicted genocidal human tragedy of the 21st Century. The Hitleresque atrocities of Idi Amin in Uganda, Mugabe in Zimbabwe and a half dozen other despotic Black African leaders are of holocaust proportions and increasing in frequency and intensity. What transpired in the Huti-Tutsi wars in Rwanda would in proportionate terms eclipse Stalin. Nevertheless, it is America who stopped the killing in Liberia, and Somalia, and who is trying to stop it in Sudan that is damned in Obama’s church. It is America who has spent billions feeding hungry Africans when Black African regimes in Somalia and Sudan used starvation as a weapon against their own civilian population.

As a Christian, I cannot view the Trinity church of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama and his wife as a church in any biblical sense, but as a mere political organization misusing the name and trappings of Christianity to set forth a racist political agenda evident it its giving an award to Louis Farrakhan, a twisted, racist, and anti Semitic figure who actually claims to have flown in flying saucers.

A man aspiring to the presidency of America being a member of a church where the pulpit is a political platform to damn America is frankly sickening.

Indeed, a member of such an evil, racist, and anti-American organization who has been a member of that institution for 20 years is unfit to lead our country. Even Senator Obama’s wife states that she has never before been proud to be an American. It is my testimony that America has been at the forefront of fighting African AIDS, while the ANC government of South Africa (brought to power by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu), as a political decision denied AIDS is a retro viral infection and called it a mere social disease despite every microbiologist in the world saying the opposite. I am proud of an America that fights to save the lives of Black children that the tribalist policies of their own corrupt Black governments are in effect killing on a grand scale.

As a Christian and as an American, I regarded the now thankfully nearly defunct Ku Klux Klan as an anti-American, racist organization. If a “Jim Crow” Democrat wanting to be president was a member of the Klan and said he disagrees with the Klan but likes its leader personally so he will not resign from the Klan – such a man in my view would be unfit for public office. For the same reason, Barack Obama is likewise totally unfit for public office.

Now we have the new minister of this “church” calling the media and public reaction to this racism and anti- Americanism ‚   “a lynching”, and comparing the reaction to the opposition of Jeremiah Wright damning America to the crucifixion of Jesus.

During the era of Jim Crow, it was the racists who did the lynching; now the racist is Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan whom his “church” honored. If one was to place a sheet over the head of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan so their skin color would not be visible, they could easily join the Klan and fit right in with the rest of the racists.

My concern is that this wickedness is being promulgated in the name of Christianity. Where did Jesus ever teach racism? Jesus wept over His nation in Matthew 23, but where did He damn it?

It is not his lack of experience that mainly troubles me about Barack Obama; it is rather his lack of integrity. If Barack Obama had the courage of his convictions, he would have resigned from such a so-called “church” 20 years ago. But as it is, he is no more fit to be president than a member of the Klan (which also made the bogus claim of being a “Christian”  organization).

Do not tell me that you disagree with something and be part of it for 20 years. When one’s actions do not match their words as in the case of Barack Obama, that makes him a political hypocrite. When a bigot like Jeremiah Wright practices his bigotry in the name of Christianity, that makes him a religious hypocrite.

I thought Obama was supposed to represent change. We have seen the hypocrisy of the religious right under Bush.

Claiming to be Christian Bush put a Koran, a book teaching that God has no Son, in The White House and celebrates Ramadan to honor Islam after September 11th, turning his back on the persecuted Christians in Saudi Arabia for the sake of the oil lobby. Putting a Koran in the White House after September 11th is like Churchill putting a copy of Mein Kampf in Number 10 Downing Street during the Blitz and handing out visas to Saudi Arabians after September 11th would in my estimation is like Roosevelt handing out visas to kamikaze pilots after Pearl Harbor.

Bush and Rice allow the Saudis to build fundamentalist Wahhabist mosques (Wahhabism decrees death under Sharia for any Moslem becoming a Christian), but a church cannot be built in Saudi Arabia. Bush places a Koran in the White House, while a Bible cannot be brought into Saudi Arabia.

Bill Clinton is likewise a mega million dollar salaried adviser to the Emir of Dubai, with the Clinton and Carter libraries and centers both likewise funded by Moslem oil money.

Irrespective of which party is elected, in Washington it is always business as usual. America indeed needs and wants change. However, does Obama actually constitute “change”?

We have had no end to religious and political hypocrisy under Bush and the Republicans and Obama claims to represent “change”. But I must ask, what “change”?

Reagan, the darling of the religious right was so pro-life that he appointed a pro abortion Sandra Day O’Connor as the Supreme Court Justice who wrote the decision ordering the Ten Commandments out of the state Judicial building in Alabama. As his wife Nancy went to fortune tellers to get advice for him how to run the country while the national deficit quadrupled and his corrupt administration sold weapons to Ayatollah Khomeini’s anti American/ anti-Israel – Iranian terror, Reagan told naive Christians he was pro life, manipulating them to vote for him, but once in office he did the opposite. Reagan with his Republican religious right was demonstrably just another hypocrite who lied, saying one thing but doing another.

An Eisenhower Republican Earl Warren Supreme Court ordered God out of the classroom. It was a Nixon Republican Warren Burger Supreme Court that ruled on Roe v Wade and ordered God out of the maternity ward. It was Reagan’s Republican Supreme Court appointee Sandra Day O’Connor who ordered God out of the judiciary and out of the courtroom.

Obama and Clinton say they are pro-abortion, but the record proves Republicans lie about it and say they are not. This is the legacy of the religious right. Of course, things have improved within the religious right. Despite Rudolph Giuliani being openly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual and lesbian agenda, the religious right leader Pat Robertson endorsed him for president. While Republicans still kill the unborn, at least they no longer hypocritically lie about it. At last, they just admit it like Clinton and Obama.

However, Obama is supposed to be the candidate of change who does not subscribe to traditional Washington hypocrisy.

After the hypocrisy of the religious right with Bush and Reagan, we now see the hypocrisy of the religious left with Obama. Those supporting Obama only want to exchange the hypocrisy of the religious right for the co-equally immoral and insidious hypocrisy of the religious left.

Changing one hypocrite for another does not represent change. It simply means absolutely no real change at all.

Nations get the governments they deserve. We have a spiritually and morally bankrupt nation, so we likewise get spiritually and morally abject leaders. Unless a nation’s church changes, its leaders never will. As long as it has

Pat Robertson’s and Jeremiah Wrights in its pulpits, it will only have treacherous scoundrels in its Oval Office.

I will pray and urge others to pray for whoever is elected. But I sanction no political candidate. Although I cannot biblically fathom how any Christian could support a pro-abortion candidate, I simply urge people to pray and vote their conscience. There is no New Testament basis to use the church for electoral purposes to endorse any politician or political party. But it is called to oppose evil.

The church is called by Jesus to be salt and light. As a nation, America so desperately does need change. But unless the church changes, a change is just not coming.

Meanwhile, I look ahead with glee for when the real change comes. It does not take a great deal of vision or foresight to see a time on the horizon when we will no longer have an electoral choice looking for a lesser of two evils, when in actual fact a lesser of evils is an evil no less.

When Christ returns thank God we will no longer have any politicians; as Isaiah wrote:

“The Government Will Be On His Shoulders” (Isaiah 9:6)

JJ Prasch

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