An Invitation to R T Kendall

by James Jacob Prasch

I recall R T Kendall publicly endorsed The Kansas City Prophets, and aligned himself closely with Paul Cain, (a confessed devotee of William Branham who opposed the Trinity). At the London Docklands Paul Cain and the Kansas City Prophets in August of 1990 prophetically predicted a “Great Latter Day Rain Revival” for the UK to explode in October of 1990. Since that time no revival has come, but far more mosques have been built in London than churches. Bob Jones (about to remarry) was found in serious sexual immorality and Paul Cain was to be and have been a homosexual and an alcoholic.

R T Kendall then endorsed the Toronto Experience despite the clowning in tongues video of money preacher Kenneth Copeland (who says Satan got the victory on the cross) and Rodney Howard-Browne. The Bible says the fruit of the Spirit is “ekreitei” that is self-control, not the lack of it. Biblically and historically revivals come from people weeping, not from people laughing in drunken hysterics. Predictably, R T Kendall was proven wrong again. No revival came from Toronto as he misled people to believe.

Now he is coming to London with Morris Cerullo. He is joining Trinity denier Tommy Tenney (who teaches the epistles of Paul are “dusty old letters” of where He was, not where He is now). He is joining Mahesh Chavada (“going to Toronto is ” ˜following the yellow brick road’, the Holy Spirit is Toto the dog, and those opposed to Toronto are ” ˜wicked witches’). He is joining Morris Cerullo (indicted for fraud and tax fraud) who appeared on UK TV saying, “Send 10 pounds and see two Jews saved and as an added bonus two members of your family will be born again. As broadcast on national TV news, Cerullo was faulted in a coroner’s report by the crown Pathologist, Sir Montague Levine for the death of a young woman who ceased taking vital medication on Cerullo’s false pronouncement and assurance she was miraculously healed, followed by the death of a 4 year old child. Cerullo also marketed 25 pound sterling ($45) “Holy Ghost Miracle Cloths” to take away debt to poor Afro-Caribbean immigrants.

Instead of weeping over the death of his unrepentant terrorist murderer friend Yassir Arafat as he expresses on his web site, one might suggest Mr. Kendall rather weep over Arafat’s victims (Jew and Arab, including the children he sent as suicide bombers to murder other children) and the saved Christians the Crown coroner say that his colleague Morris Cerullo got killed. (The exact words are that “she would still be alive if she had not become involved with a Cerullo mission at Earls Court” ).

As a moderate Pentecostal/Charismatic it is my conviction that this wicked religious con-artistry that R T Kendall gave himself over to has nothing to do with Jesus (and nothing to do with the legacy of Martin Lloyd Jones). It is rather about the band of proven false prophets, heretics, and drunken sex perverts like Paul Cain that R T Kendall has joined forces with.

Given his disgusting and shameful track record of failure, it is my contention that there exists no biblical or logical reason for anyone in their right mind to pay any further attention to R T Kendall . His undeniable record speaks for itself.

I would like to invite R T Kendall to debate me on the issues in public in front of a video camera in the UK and the USA. I doubt he will, but my challenge is sincere and I will bring documented facts, TV news footage, videos of the Docklands, videos of Toronto meetings, and verified news reports.

I maintain that R T Kendall by biblical definition has plainly and irrefutably become a deceiver of the Last Days (2 Timothy 3:13).

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