A Response to “Information With Provenance” (University, Cork)

My mother’s family is Donegal Irish Catholic.

I direct a Christian organization active in fighting for the rights of Arab Christians persecuted in Islamic countries. Since Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only country in the Middle East where Arab Christians are free of religious persecution, I appreciate the truth being told by pro-Israel Arab Christians such as Yoseph Fara and Assis Shorush.

It is not the Israelis who murdered 2.1 million Black African Christians in Sudan. It is the Moslems. It is not the Israelis who decapitate Arabs for becoming Christians under Sharia, it is the Saudi Wahab (who fund Islamic activist organizations in the West). It is not the Israelis who run an Islamic apartheid government in Malaysia that arrests and imprisons people for becoming Christians , it is Moslems. It is not Israelis who murdered 55,000 Roman Catholics in the Philippines, it is Moslems. It is not Israelis who murdered 200,000 Roman Catholics in East Timor, it is Moslems. It is not in Israel where hundreds of women are murdered each year in Islamic honor killing, it is Jordan. It is not in Israel where churches are burned by the Moslem brotherhood, it is in Egypt. Etc.

As a Christian I thank God for Israel, who are only guilty of standing up to the militant Islamic aggression that persecutes Christians.

A Palestinian state has never historically existed. When Arafat tried Palestinian nationalism on King Hussein of Jordan in Black September of 1970, the Jordanians killed 18,000 of Arafat’s followers in 12 days and drove the rest into refugee camps in Lebanon. If you want to talk about human rights abuses in the Middle East, look at The Amnesty International web site and see how many tens of thousands of Shia’s and so-called Palestinians were killed by the Syrian Aliweh government (30,000 in one air strike). We witnessed the Kuwaiti slaughter of Arafat’s followers, and the civil war in Lebanon when the so-called Palestinians massacred each other.

This is to say nothing of the 1.5 million Moslems killed by each other in the Iran-Iraq war, or the invasion of Kuwait. The day the Israelis (acting in self-defense just as America did in Afghanistan etc.) do to
the Moslems what moslems do to each other, then I will entertain anti-Israel complaints.

Before the Intifada, according to the U.N. World Health Organisation, the standard of living (inclusive of employment, longevity, and infant mortality) improved on the West Bank under the Israelis 320% above what it was under Jordan, and 370% in Gaza above what it was under the Egyptians. Indeed, so much of the international financial assistance foolishly given by America and Europe to the PLA was pilfered by Arafat’s hooligans and little helped the people. If you wish to blame someone for the poverty, place the blame where it belongs.

The archaeological record proves the Jews to be the indigenous population of the West Bank, while Islamic claims are not based on archaeologically supported and verified history; Moslem claims are based only the Islamic religious demands of Jihad which says once a land is captured in “Dar al Harb’ it must remain a Moslem land. I do not accept misinterpretations of international law based on Quran, Din, Hadith or Sharia. Moslems cannot demand Christians, Jews and others accept their jihadist religion as a basis of international law.

The Jews are indeed the archaeologically proven indigenous people of that land, just as the Irish are the indigenous people of Ulster. By definition, a Jew cannot “occupy” the West Bank any more than an Irishman can “occupy” Belfast or County Fermanagh. Your factually convoluted website is virtually anti-Semitic, promotional of bigotry, and utterly predicated upon a premise of bias.

I can argue historically for Israel, inclusive of Jerusalem and the West Bank as the Jewish homeland without reference to religion or faith. But the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament existed before the Koran and if one wishes to argue their cause on the basis of religion instead of a purely secular interpretation of history, on what basis should the Koran only be accepted as a valid basis to a faith-based claim to that land? The material on this website is an offense to me as a Christian and a believer in the One Christians regard as greatest Jew who ever lived, Jesus Christ, who taught Christians that the Jews were destined by God to return to their ancient God given homeland and to Jerusalem (Luke 21:24, Zechariah 12:10)

I cannot, however, demand international law accept the Judeo-Christian faith as a basis to national claims of the Jews, and neither can Islam so demand.

The issue is historical; Jewish settlements existed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem until Moslems destroyed them in the 1920’s. Historically Jewish settlements are a mere restoration of what was rightfully theirs.

The Palestinian constitution makes plain that “Palestine is an Islamic state”, and a mere glance at the existing Islamic states of the Middle East shows what happens to Christians in Islamic states. I wonder if your organization can show even one Islamic Arab state where freedom of the press exists (except Iraq where it exists only due to the Anglo-American liberation). If you wish to talk about “Palestinian Freedom” lets us begin by asking where does democracy exist in any already existing Islamic Arab state?

It is horrific that the University and Irish government allows this outrage to continue under the auspices of a publicly funded format, and more so while hypocritically remaining silent about the Islamic persecution of Christians. While the Saudis fund the construction of mosques and Islamic institutions all over the West they will not allow one church to be built in Saudi Arabia. Not a single Arab Moslem country will give Christians the rights that Arab Moslems demand in free countries like Ireland. Thank God that Israel does!

JJ Prasch

cc: Irish Prime Minister (Taishoch)

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