A Response to Allan Morrison

by James Jacob Prasch

In my article on “Stephen Sizer and the Sons of Menlaus” , I warn that Allan Morrison has reaped judgment. I don”t know about his flu or computer crash as a supposed divine judgment for his outlandish anti-Israel polemics and his attacks on premillennialism, but I certainly do know about him losing his church in Criche, England and the loss of his job and ministry as pastor. I know about him leaving Britain after betrayal by his Reformed friends for Holland and then leaving Holland for France. We saw God’s judgment fall on Allan Morrison after his first monogram. He lost his church, his job, and his pastorate and then left the country in a state of defeat for Holland, and then Holland didn’t work out either, so he left to France.

To call Premillenialism (the predominant eschatology of the pre-Patristic church) blasphemy is too outrageous to warrant serious consideration. But his conspiracy theories and anti Americanism (subscribing to the Islamic myth that it was not Moslems responsible for September 11th) resembles more paranoid delusion than any biblical concept of discernment.

His misrepresentation of the truth regarding “JUDAIZERS” is ludicrous. Moriel, Ariel, Jews For Jesus, the Department of Jewish Christian Studies at Moody Bible among many others have stated and published positions that Talmudic Judaism is a false religion. I myself on February 2nd 2004 just addressed a large conference in the USA on Israel and prophecy on “What Is Wrong With Judaisam?“, making it clear that the Torah was fulfilled in Yeshua and rabbinic Judaism is not the Judaism of Scripture. (The tapes and CDs will soon be available from Moriel.) To attack all of those Evangelicals recognizing the prophetic purposes of God for Israel and the Jews as “useful idiots”  and to stereotype all Jewish believers in Jesus as “JUDAIZERS”  is nothing short of twisted. Most believing Jews are not extreme (anymore than most Southern Baptists are racial segregationists) and most oppose the legalistic extreme axis of the Messianic Movement. A visit to our website will also reveal our warnings against a number of Christian Zionist organizations with agendas holding an unbiblical position that refuses to evangelise Jews. We also feature articles on “Satan’s Seduction of The Hebrew Root Movement” , and “The New Galatians”  confronting the minority of believing Jews who are extreme and who are as unbiblical on one extreme as Mr. Morrison and his Reformed replacementists are on the other.

Mr Morrison and his associate Tal Brooke in fact produced some very good apologetic and evangelistic material regarding the New Age Movement and Mr. Morrison’s views against the Toronto phenomena were in harmony with our own. At one point we also defended both Allan Morrison and Tal Brooke from attacks on their character we felt unjust from a Ruckmanite. Tragically however, both Allan Morrison and Tal Brooke are “conspiracy theorists” . There are similarly many conspiracy theorists in the secular world with similar fanciful speculations they treat as fact, and when one does not subscribe to their conjecture they become suspect as being “part of the conspiracy”. The problem with conspiracy theory is that there is always some truth to it (no one can deny an emerging New World Order), but the conspiracy theorists concoct theories (not infrequently wild ones void of factual verification) to extrapolate all manner of scenarios that simply cannot be proven. We have a feature entitled “Watchmen Who Are Not Watchmen”  where we look at this kind of problem in depth.

The further problem with conspiracy theorists claiming to be Christian like Allan Morrison, Tal Brooke, Barbara Aho, Victoria Dillen, W. B. Buester, W. Howard and the Ruckmanites is that they pursue these conjectural endeavors under the banner of “Christian Discernment Ministry” , and any aspect of what they argue that might have a genuine basis in fact and could otherwise merit consideration becomes discredited. We end up in a “boy who cried wolf”  situation; when something of authentic biblical significance prophetically takes place and the warning goes up, people think it is more nonsense from an Allan Morrison, Such compulsion leads thinking people to ignore discernment issues as discernment becomes perceived the domain of a lunatic fringe of seemingly half-paranoid conspiracy theorists masquerading as practitioners of biblical discernment. The supreme example of this was the Y2K scam initially promoted by Allan Morrison’s fellow Calvinistic replacementists such as Gary North and reconstructionists subscribing to the errors of replacement theology. On our tape “The Twin Pillars of Madness”  we historically demonstrate how cessationist Calvinism is as unbiblical and ludicrous as hyper-charismatic extremism and hyper-Pentecostalism, in fact sharing many of the same beliefs, just as classical Calvinism and Roman Catholicism, both deriving from Augustine, share so many of the same erroneous beliefs.

In the meanwhile, MORIEL is preparing a response to the Ted Pike video alleging Jewish conspiracies and attempting to turn this crusade into an Evangelical Christian cause. Disturbingly, the video is distributed by an organization whose website is linked to pro-Nazi sites carrying Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”  on their book lists and claims to be an “Evangelical Christian Ministry”. More disturbing still is that the Ted Pike video was circulated by Allan Morrison’s partner, Tal Brooke. Indeed, if I were to follow the trail of links in the manner conspiracy theorists operate and draw conclusions from it, I would have to determine that Tal Brooke and by cooperation Allan Morrison, are members of a Neo-Nazi conspiracy within the Evangelical church. This is of course not my view. But if I subscribed to the kind of conspiracy theory mindset they do, it would be the natural conclusion.

Both Mr. Morrison and Mr. Brooke are too intelligent to demean themselves with the kind of conspiratorial absurdity and anti Zionism they focus on and in the process they undermine the valuable ministry they both otherwise could and should have in reaching New Agers for Christ in a post-Christian/Neo-Pagan world. Mr. Morrison overlooks that the biblical scenario for the eschaton viewed in Daniel and Revelation places the prophetic significance of Israel as well as that of the Church at the center of world events. There is simply no place for replacement theology in the Word of God generally, and certainly none regarding eschatology specifically. Those propagating unbiblical positions to the contrary are postulating untenable inventions of their own minds. In order to arrive at his misplaced doctrinal theology, Allan Morrison, identical to the Roman Catholic mystics, hyper-charismatics, and New Age theosophers, must engage in the convoluted hermeneutics of eisegetical gnosticism by spiritualizing what the scripture plainly teaches about Israel and the Millenial Reign of Christ instead of deriving his beliefs from sound exegesis.

Mr. Morrison substitutes an exegetical approach to eschatology with a conspiracy theory-based approach where the biblical texts plainly establishing the place of Israel eschatologically are treated in a neo-gnostic manner based on spiritualization.

Just as hyper-charismatic practitioners of the Toronto Deception are in essence doing little more than practicing Kundalini Yoga packaged in Christian jargon, so too Allan Morrison and his ilk become little more than conspiracy theorists using Christian jargon. Just as hyper-charismatics, Promise Keepers, and Roman Catholic mystics who spiritualise texts out of context in order to fabricate a pretext are essentially Gnostics using Christian jargon, so too is Allan Morrison.

On our CD and tape “The Iron & The Clay”  we illustrate that approaching the emerging constellation of world events and the New World Order from a biblical perspective demands a biblically balanced examination of these and other issues such as ecumenism and European and Middle East politics. Most unfortunately, the conspiratorial ramblings of Mr Morrison and company are neither biblical or balanced.

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