Unmasking Other Jesuses


“The Great Mystery” PDF document, 1863:
General points on evangelism:
  • All evangelism starts with prayer and love
  • Pull the mask off of the false Christ
  • Show great patience with family members
  • Listen and ask questions so that people understand that you care for them
In witnessing to Mormons:
  • Untangle the terminology (e.g. “grace”, “repentance”, “sin”, etc.)
  • Show the difference between the real Jesus of scripture and the Morman “jesus” who is the spirit brother of Lucifer and is not God.
In witnessing to Roman Catholics:
  • Show contradictions between the Roman Catholic Catechism and the Bible
  • Show that the “jesus”of Roman Catholicism is an “insufficient” savior (they need their version of jesus plus other things to be saved) vs. the Jesus of scripture who is the complete sacrifice for sin
In witnessing to Jews
  • Use the concept of a plural oneness to understand the triunitarian nature of God
  • Expose the “Metatron” of the Talmud as a different Jesus and show how many of the divine attributes they attribute to the “Metatron” actually describe Jesus the Messiah.
  • Show how Jesus fulfills the Messianic prophecies (e.g. pardons sin, is to be obeyed, etc.)
  • Show how elements of the Passover Seder such as the Afikoman matzo and 3-compartment bag are pictures of a triune God and Jesus as the One who was broken for our sin
Moriel TV is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.
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