Statement Concerning James Sundquist

To Whom It May Concern

A series of vicious and unfounded attacks against Pastor John Higgins, Mike Gendron, and others (including members of the Moriel team) are being circulated concerning events that transpired at a Conference held at a Calvary Chapel in Tempe , Arizona three years ago in June of 2005 which for some inexplicable reason has been resurrected as an issue. The Conference theme and aim was Roman Catholicism, the Evangelization of Roman Catholics, and the dangers of the ecumenical movement.

The conference was not about PURPOSE DRIVEN although the speakers and hosting Pastor (John Higgins) are all opposed to Purpose Driven and Purpose Driven was denounced from the pulpit due its ecumenical adjuncts. A variety of anti-Purpose Driven material was also available on the book tables of the conference speakers (including copies of a book by James Sundquist).

An individual identified as “Bear Frankson” arrived, unknown to anyone, and began distributing literature regarding “Purpose Driven” at the conference on church property without exercising the common dignity of obtaining prior consent from the event organizers or the hosting pastor. A host of witnesses found his actions disruptive and unrepresentative as the event did not sanction his activities. He made himself an uninvited nuisance lacking the common etiquette and common sense not to circulate printed matter at someone else’s event without requesting prior consent to do so. His behavior was ill-mannered and ignorant, as well as inappropriate as the conference was not about “Purpose Driven”.

After being instructed to cease his actions, Mr. Frankson began protesting outside of the church parking lot. Initially the pastor sent out donuts and coffee, but after the pastor’s wife offered cold water Mr. Frankson’s behavior became belligerently aggressive as was witnessed by several attendees. His demeanor was described as rather maniacal.

Mr. James Sunquist was not present at the event and has no first hand knowledge of it whatsoever. The witnesses do.

We are confused by the unbiblical actions of Mr. James Sundquist and his attacks on Pastor Higgins, Mike Gendron and others in an episode to which he was not party, not present, and not a witness. As those who are witnesses however, it is our testimony that Mr. Frankson behaved unbecomingly in pursuit of a self-promulgating agenda.

In response to the material unnecessarily being circulated by James Sundquist we can only revert to the teachings of God’s Word that apply in such a matter.

God’s Word dictates:

  • That both sides of a dispute be heard (Proverbs 18: 17, John 7 :51) – Mr. Sundquist has sadly not done this.
  • That charges not even be accepted against a pastor/ elder without a minimum of 2 or 3 witnesses (1 Timothy 5:19) – Despite being reminded of this Mr. Sundquist has disregarded the plain and unambiguous teaching of the Word of God. The actual witnesses present fault Mr. Frankson for his improper and unchristian conduct.

  • That The Lord’s people do not meddle in a dispute that is not theirs; it is like grabbing a dog’s ears (Proverbs 26:17) – Despite being reminded of this, Mr. Sundquist has again disregarded the teaching of God’s Word and jumped into a ridiculous petty mess that was and is none of his concern.

Hence, we are unclear how Mr. Sundquist can continue in discernment ministry seeking to uphold God’s Word when he flagrantly disregards it himself. We like Mr. Sundquist, are blessed by his music ministry, appreciate his book on “Purpose Driven”, and wish him no personal ill. His actions, however, are categorically contrary to scripture and therefore cannot be of God. Our fear is that he is undermining his own credibility, damaging his own ministry, and off-setting the fine, good things he has achieved.

Of more concern however is the absurdity of protesting and of publicly rampaging against others who oppose Purpose Driven, ecumenism, and the other discernment related issues Mr. Sundquist himself is concerned with. To shoot your own allies when you have so few of them to begin with in a war against apostasy is, frankly, ludicrous.

We stand by Pastor Higgins, Mike Gendron and the others being unjustly accosted and we hope for his own sake and the sake of his ministry and the common cause we all uphold that our friend and brother James Sundquist will relent from this baseless escapade and rather re-focus on the real opposition.

We will have no further comment on this hideous situation. It has already received more attention than it warrants. We also politely decline to comment on circulated reports that there is a pattern of such behavior by Mr. Sundquist. In any event a private reconciliation should have been pursued instead of a pointless war. Discernment ministries with the same doctrine and concerns should not attack each other. I have known Mr. Sundquist quite a number of years and wish him nothing but blessing. But his actions are unbiblical.

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch & David Lister
Moriel Ministries

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