Pope Francis – The Religious Hypocrite Whose Religious Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

by James Jacob Prasch  
Jan 23, 2014  

The history of treachery, immorality, corruption and murder that has defined the Roman papacy for centuries has ranged from the Bourga and Medici popes of the Middle Ages to the Ambrosiano bank scandals of the present age. As the ‘Criminale Solicitacciones‘ instruction first issued by Pope John xxxiii and reissued by Cardinal Radzinger cum Pope Benedict under the direction of Carol Wojtyla cum John Paul II shows the Vatican instructed the cover up of pedophile sex criminal priests & nuns at the expense of not protecting the Roman Catholic children whose lives were being destroyed by their sex pervert clergy. Indeed the document indicates, even reveals, that the Vatican was aware that their priests and nuns were having sex with animals. The American Bush administration pushed to have the civil prosecution stopped by the Justice Department and courts of Ratzinger for political reasons to do with diplomacy without reference to the legal merits of the case.

It is known that approximately 80 percent of the pedophile attacks by Roman Catholic clergy against Roman Catholic children were of a forced homosexual or lesbian nature. Virtually every prelate cum bishop & arch bishop of every Roman Catholic diocese and arch diocese in the USA alone (it is worse in Roman Catholic countries such as Ireland and Brazil) was found culpable in litigation of shielding pedophile sex criminal clergy and even of allowing them to continue by transferring them from one parish or school to another. This was a policy orchestrated by the Vatican. Some legal journalists estimate the cost in settlements and legal fees of keeping Los Angeles Cardinal Mahoney out of prison to be nearly $1 billion. Cardinal Law of Boston was actually promoted to a position in Rome to get him out of the county. Mahoney was nonetheless sent to vote for the present pope’s election and Law said one of the funeral masses for Wojtyla who protected him. This kind of blatant hypocrisy and corruption has been the hallmark of the papacy for centuries and lasts to the present day. The Vatican still refuses to release from its secret archives the documentation surrounding senior Roman Catholic involvement with Hitler and the Nazis or the rat lines when Pius xii smuggled Nazi criminals out of Europe to hiding in Latin America. Popes have always been everything from corrupt bankers and swindlers to warlords to whore mongers, homosexuals, and sexual deviates of every description. Now it as reached a new low.

With homosexuality and lesbianism rampant among Roman Catholic clergy one may argue that recent public policy remarks by Pope Francis ends the hypocrisy since if Roman Catholicism had no homosexuals and lesbians in its clergy it would probably have almost no priests and nuns. But then why did not he not simply alter the position of Roman Catholicism officially?

By stating as he did that “who is he to judge if homosexuals are wrong” despite the clear and unambiguous teaching of God’s Word that it is wrong, he changed the dogma without changing it. Homosexual and lesbian advocacy groups are calling him ‘Man of The Year’. Roman Catholics who are lesbian and homosexuals have been given a de facto green light. The co-equally hypocritical and morally bankrupt conservative element within the Roman Catholic church are claiming that he did not change the church’s official position. Pope Francis is the quintessential theocratic politician; a professional liar and religious hypocrite “magna cum laude”. Everyone knows the Vatican rhetoric that the pope has changed the emphasis, not the doctrine concerning homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion is a lot of hypocritical double talk. Jesus, the apostles, and the Hebrew prophets all in scripture give a clear and unambiguous distinction between what God views as natural and un-natural, morally acceptable and immoral. But the Vatican and the anti christ institution of the papacy has never cared what The Word of God teaches. The Roman Catholic church is a diabolical institution based on apostate heresy combining the Pontifical Neo Babylonian religions of ancient Rome with a Satanic bastardization of Christianity that is about money and political power and the misuse of religion to attain and sustain such interests. With the arrival of Pope Francis however, even by its own demonic standards, Roman Catholicism has reached a new low.

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