Pedophile Protecting Pope to Resign

February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI

Joseph Radzinger, alias,  Benedict XVI, formerly known as “The Rottweiler” from,  his role as attack dog for his predecessor Carol Wojtyla alias John Paul II under whose auspices he issued the,  Criminale Solicitacciones,  instruction of Pope John XXIII has resigned. The uncovered,  instruction ordering,  the protection of pedophile sex criminal priests and nuns at the expense of not protecting the little children they were molesting and threatening the little,  victims with hell if they did not keep their being raped secret did not result in,  a RICO prosecution in the USA despite 177 out 179 American,  dioceses and their bishops and,  arch,  bishops being found liable for massive,  damages in,  court. The Bush Administration squashed civil litigations against Radzinger on political grounds that as a head of state the pope is immune from any judicial or prosecutorial proceedings by,  International convention. Similar efforts in the UK to have citizen’s arrests of Radzinger during his papal,  visit of 2010 were stopped by the British government, thus this gangster who orchestrated an international campaign to shield dangerous child molesters was never brought to justice for obstruction or aiding,  and abetting fugitives from justice. The systematic rape,  and sodomizing of,  small children by Roman Catholic clergy under the protection of the church hierarchy stemmed from Australia and,  New Zealand to the USA and Canada, to Great Britain, to Germany,  and beyond,,  but was found most prolific in Roman Catholic countries such as Ireland, Austria, French speaking Africa,,  and Brazil.


In his youth Radzinger wore a swastika and fought for Hitler, but went on as a priest and cardinal paying lip service against anti ‚  semitic Jew hatred, yet under his papacy the Vatican has maintained an almost continual ‚  anti Israel bias. ‚   ‚  Radzinger then went on ‚  to ‚  become the king of scandal when the endemic ‚  pedophilia of Roman Catholicism finally could no longer be hidden and suppressed despite ‚  his best efforts to do so. Even the mafia does not allow ‚  its members to engage in child prostitution, child pornography or pedophilia. It rather takes ‚  Radzinger’s ‚  Roman Catholic Church to go that low. The largest cache of ‚  kiddie porn on record, some 40,000 hours , was at the Roman Catholic seminary near Vienna. ‚  We are reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul ‚  in The New Testament calling mandatory celibacy a ‘doctrine of demons’ ‚   ‚  (1 Timothy 4: 1-3), ‚  a demonic practice rigidly advocated by the pedophile ‚  protecting ‚  Radzinger cum Benedict XVI.

Without reference to the true legacy of this evil man who with fewer scruples than a gangster ‚  acted to protect the ‚  most heinous of criminals to the ‚  detriment of the most helpless of victims – ‚  small children, many ‚  as young as four, the global media will pay homage to this wicked son of the devil and the usual chorus line of religious hypocrites and corrupt politicians ‚  will do likewise ‚  even addressing him as “holy father”. Calling a human “Holy Father” as a religious title is ‚  something expressly outlawed by Jesus who taught, “One is ‚  our ‚  Holy Father who is ‚  in heaven”. ‚  Claims of ex cathedra infallibility, being the heir of Peter, and the Vicar of Christ all stand in stark contradiction to the Christianity taught by Jesus ad the apostles. ‚  Peter merely identified himself as a fellow elder and claimed no primacy (1 Peter 5:1) and it ‚  was James, not ‚  Peter who presided ‚  at the first church council in Jerusalem ‚   ‚  (Acts chapter 15). ‚  Indeed, in St. ‚  Peter’s day it was the ‚  pagan emperor of imperial Rome whose title was Pontiff. Translating the papal ‚  claim to be vicar of Christ from its official Latin: vicarius Cristos into New Testament Greek we have the papal title being “anti kristo” or ‚  anti christ. It is ‚  thus easy to see why for centuries the Roman papacy ‚  placed the Word of God on the index of banned books and persecuted, tortured, and murdered those who urged people to read it such as John Wycliife, Savaranola, Jan Hus, and William Tyndale.

In ‚  USA, throughout Latin America, and as far a-field ‚  as The Philippines many former ‚  Roman Catholics have renounced these doctrines of demons and embraced scriptural Christianity realizing that they cannot both follow the teachings of Jesus ‚  and the contradictory teachings of Rome with its bogus salvation by ‚  sacramental ritual, its superstition and idolatry, ‚  its anti christ papacy with its hypocrisy and corruption, ‚  and its pedophilia. Unable to believe ‚  that a godless institution whose clergy on a global scale has ‚  raped defenseless ‚  children ‚   ‚  and whose bishops, cardinals, and popes have ‚  covered it up , millions ‚  have left Roman Catholicism and converted to Christianity choosing Christ over a child molester protecting anti christ like Radzinger who will like all of us one day stand before the real Holy Father.

The speculations about the spurious prophetic ‚  predictions allegedly ‚  ascribed by tradition to Malachy or ‚  Columkille about the last pope being called Peter etc. ‚  are not an issue of any major concern nor are speculations if ‚  the next pope will ‚  be a Latin American or an ‚   ‚  African .

An anti christ is an anti christ no matter what he calls himself or where he comes from. ‚  However, ‚  the manner in which the media and masses are deluded by these shameless ‚  guardians of the perpetrators ‚  of pedophilia ‚  are shadows of how the ultimate Anti Christ and False Prophet will deceive most of the world.

We urge our Roman Catholic friends to stop running away from the undeniable fact ‚  and read the Word of God for themselves. Truth will prevail.

James Jacob ‚  PraschLogo_40x45


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