How to be Canonized a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church

March 30, 2014
by James Jacob Prasch

In the aftermath of the Vatican ‘Rat Line’ when the Roman Catholic  church hid Nazi war criminals in convents and monasteries  and smuggled them away from justice into hiding in pro fascist Peronist  countries in South America (the Vatican ardently refuses to open these records from  its secret archives) , Pope John XXIII promoted Jesuit theologian    Michael Schmaus to cardinal calling Schmaus “The Theologian of Munich”. Indeed he was . It was Schmaus who authored the treatise ‘ Empire and State’ furnishing the Roman Catholic  theological basis for Roman Catholic support of  Hitler & The Nazi Party rising to power in coalition with  the Zentrum, the Roman Catholic party of Bavaria headed by privy chamberlain to the pope Hans Von Pappen. Von Pappen was responsible in World War I for the Black Tom terrorist attack in New York harbor, at that time the largest terror attack to have ever taken place on US soil. Von Pappen was convicted at Nurmberg but never hung due to the probable  intervention  of Pope Pius XII.

This same pope, John XXIII first issued the 1962 Criminale Solicitacciones  instruction in 1962 directing bishops globally to protect pedophile priests and nuns at the expense of not protecting the children who were victims. The document proves that the Vatican knew of the prevalence of  everything from homosexual pedophilia to bestiality among its clergy for decades. While the Vatican has tried to suggest it only relates to confessional secrecy, this is not specified in the content which threatens excommunication to whistle blowers who inform  authorities about pedophile sex criminals if the pedophiles are clergy. A copy is available on line.

imgresPope John Paul II had Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict) reissue the directive (Ratzinger , in his youth actually  wore the swastika  and uniform of Hitler; photos are on the web). It was also John Paul II who canonized the pro fascist founder of   Opus Dei, Jose Marie Escrive and moved to beatify (a first step towards sainthood) the Ustashi Nazi religious  leader Arch Bishop Stepinac from the Yugoslavian branch of the holocaust that  witnessed the murder of 750,000 Serbs and a number of Jews.  

Essentially, the same Vatican that orchestrated the protection of Nazi war criminals,  then orchestrated the protection of pedophile sex criminals. Jesus of course had a different point if view saying that “it would  be better to have a millstone fastened around one’s neck and be cast into the sea than hurt a little one”. The Vatican however appears to disagree. The Arch Diocese of Los Angeles alone spent nearly 800 million dollars in legal settlements plus legal fees on direct account of  the pedophile protecting antics of Cardinal Mahony  alone who was among the college of cardinals who elected the present pope who has publicly stated he cannot judge if two homosexuals in a relationship are right or wrong.

unnamed-2The scripture calls all regenerate Christians ” Saints”. The concept  of a sainthood apart from the sainthood of all believers is alien to  the scriptures just as the New Testament teaches a priesthood of all believers and the notion of a separate priesthood of a clergy class is  alien to the Word of God.

Once again however, The Roman Catholic church disagrees. A saint to the Vatican  is a pedophile protecting venerator of pro  Nazis.

John XXIII and John Paul II were both  canonized. Heil Hitler! ;  Hey little boy / girl –  do you want some  candy?  Pax Vobiscum

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